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Request for Proposals (RFP)

  Item  Description  
 RFP 001-2011

Related Services

 RFP 006-2011 DataBase
 RFP 007-2011

Mental Health Consultant 

 RFP 008-2011    

Professional Consulting Services Curr. Alignment

 RFP 009-2011 Professional Consulting Services Curr. Guides
 RFP 010-2011 FMIS
 RFP 011-2011 Infrastructure-Wireless Consultant
 RFP 012-2011 Public Awareness Campaign
 RFP 013-2011 PBIS 
 RFP 014-2011 Provide Professional Procurement Consultation
 RFP 015-2011  Food Service Management Contract
 RFP 016-2011  Independent Financial Auditor
 RFP 017-2011 Financial Management Information Systems Management Services 
 RFP 019-2011  Interactive Whiteboards
 RFP 020-2011  Personal Computer-Data Management Implementation
 RFP 021-2011  Personal Computer Deployment Field Services
 RFP 022-2011  Installation of School Domain Software & Equipment
 RFP 023-2011  Personal Computer Deployment Field Services
 RFP 004-2010
Program Evaluation Specialist
 RFP 011-2010
Third Party Fiduciary
 RFP 013-2010   Project STEM Evaluation Program
 RFP 014-2010 Project STEM Assessment Program
 RFP 015-2010 ESL Translator Services
 RFP 016-2010 ESL Professional Development
 RFP 017-2010
Fiber Optic Consultant
 RFP 018-2010 Bullying Program
 RFP 019-2010 Highly Qualified Teacher Program
 RFP 020-2010  PBIS  Character Education Positive Behavioral
 RFP 021-2010 Technology Professional Development


 RFP 027-2010 Project Stem Assessment Program
 RFP 028-2010 Cash Collection Services
 RFP 030-2010
Develop & Provide Training Specializing in the Evaluation & Selection of Educational Textbooks
for Adoption
 RFP 031-2010     Public Awareness Campaign Services awareness for Special Education Part C
 RFP 002-2012
Design, Implementation & Delivery of Interactive Whiteboards
 RFP 003-2012
Development of Criterion-Referenced Test
 RFP 006-2012
Professional Consulting Services-Curriculum Alignment
 RFP 007-2012
 Professional Consulting Services-Curriculum Guides
 RFP 001-2013  Project Management & Contract Administration Services
 RFP 004-2013 Fiber Optic Consultant
 RFP 007-2013 Security System District Wide: Design, Implementation & Installation
 RFP 008-2013 Wireless Local Area Network Services
 RFP 009-2013  Design & Production of an Animated DVD Featuring the Chamorro Culture & the Chamorro    Language
 RFP 010-2013 Wireless Local Area Network Services

Request for Information (RFI) 

RFI 001-2011  Summer School Bus Service
RFI 002-2011   Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
RFI 003-2011  Interactive White Boards
RFI 004-2011   Digital Visual Presenters
RFI 001-2012
 Performance-Based Facilities Maintenance Contract
RFI 002-2012
 Summer School Bus Service

Invitation for Bids (IFB)

 Item  Description   
 IFB 002-2010 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinder and Bulk Containers for GDOE Operated
 IFB 003-2010
Preventive maintenance and repairs for official Special Education vehicles
 IFB 004-2010
Hearing Aids and personal FM System for GDOE Special Education Division
 IFB 005-2010
Preventive Maintenance & Repairs of Cafeteria Equipment for gDOE Operated School

 IFB 006-2010

Small Multifunction Printers
 IFB 007-2010
Preventive Maintenance & Repair of Central Air Conditioning Equipment for all GDOE
Public School & Support Facilities
 IFB 008-2010
Preventive Maintenance & Repair of Split Type & Window Conditioning Equipment
for all GDOE Public School & Support Facilities
 IFB 009-2010 Preventive Maintenance and Repair of Water Chillers at Various GDOE Public Schools
 IFB 010-2010 Outright purchase of A/C units for all GDOE school & support facilities 
 IFB 012-2010 Outright Purchase for Cafeteria Equipment for GDOE School
 IFB 013-2010 Outright Purchase of SPED Special Needs Equipment
 IFB 014-2010
Outright Purchase for Air Curtain, Water Cooler and Door Closures for Various GDOE
 IFB 016-2010         Repair of Southern High School Football Field Storm Drain System

  Invitation for Bids (IFB)

 Item  Description   
 IFB 017-2010 Purchase, Installation and Service for Library Detection System & Book Check Unit
 IFB 018-2010

Outright Purchase of Special Education Hearing & Audio Hardware Equipment and Supplies

 IFB 021-2010
Library Books Marked for JFKHS
 IFB 022-2010 Document Management
 IFB 023-2010
Computer Systems and Multimedia Equipment

 IFB 025-2010

Outright Purchase of Computer Systems
 IFB 026-2010
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair for SPED Vehicles
 IFB 027-2010
Library Books for Father Duenas Memorial School and Saint Francis
 IFB 003-2011 Nursing Supplies
 IFB 004-2011  Administrative and Classroom Supplies
 IFB 005-2011 Cafeteria/Custodial Supplies 
 IFB 006-2011 Indefinite Quantity Bid-Laptops
 IFB 008-2011  Local Area Network (LAN) 
 IFB 009-2011 
Outright Purchase of Utility Vehicles 
 IFB 012-2011 Outright Purchase of Mini Buses
 IFB 013-2011 Renovation of Men's & Women's Restrooms @ Headstart
 IFB 014-2011 Purchase of Play Structure
 IFB 015-2011 Replacement of A/C Units @ AIJMS
 IFB 016-2011 Gateway to Success
 IFB 018-2011 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 
 IFB 019-2011 Document Cameras, Multimedia Projectors, & Mobile Presentation Carts 
 IFB 020-2011 E-Rate
 IFB 021-2011 Preventive Maintenance and Repair of A/C
 IFB 022-2011 Preventive Maintenance & Repair of Split & Central A/C
 IFB 023-2011 Oceanview Middle School Gymnasium Repairs
 IFB 024-011           Renovation of Southern High School Gymnasium
 IFB 025-2011 Renovation of Southern High School Fine Arts Auditorium
 IFB 026-2011 Purchase of Play Structure
 IFB 027-2011 Indefinite Quantity of Software
 IFB 028-2011 Printing of 2011-2012 School Planners
 IFB 029-2011 Indefinite Quantity Bid for Maintenance Supplies-Carpentry
 IFB 030-2011 Indefinite Quantity Bid for Maintenance Supplies-Plumbing
 IFB 031-2011 Indefinite Quantity Bid for Maintenance Supplies-Electrical
 IFB 032-2011 Indefinite Quantity Bid for Maintenance Supplies-Refrigeration
 IFB 033-2011 Indefinite Quantity Bid for Maintenance Supplies-Welding
 IFB 035-2011 Structural Repairs & Roof Coating-Northern A 
 IFB 036-2011 Structural Repairs & Roof Coating-Northern B 
 IFB 037-2011 Structural Repairs & Roof Coating-Central A
 IFB 038-2011 Structural Repairs & Roof Coating-Central B
 IFB 039-2011 Structural Repairs & Roof Coating-Southern
 IFB 041-2011   Power-User Workstations
 IFB 042-2011 PC Deployment Infrastructure
 IFB 043-2011 Analog Phones for Classrooms
 IFB 044-2011 Preventive Maintenance & Minor Repairs for Split & Central A/C Equipment 
 IFB 045-2011 Fiber Optic Upgrades-Lagu District 
 IFB 046-2011 Fiber Optic Upgrades-Luchan District 
 IFB 047-2011 Fiber Optic Upgrades-Kattan District
 IFB 048-2011  Fiber Optic Upgrades-Haya District 
 IFB 050-2011 Purchase of Air Conditioning Equipment 
 IFB 051-2011 Indefinite Quantity for Computers Software
 IFB 052-2011 Personal Computer Deployment Infrastructure
 IFB 001-2012 Fire Alarm & P.A. Repair/Installations & Electrical Main Distribution Panel Upgrades
 IFB 002-2012 Fire Alarm & P.A. Repair/Installations & Electrical Main Distribution Panel Upgrades
 IFB 003-2012 Fire Alarm & P.A. Repair/Installations & Electrical Main Distribution Panel Upgrades 
 IFB 004-2012  Fire Alarm & P.A. Repair/Installations & Electrical Main Distribution Panel Upgrades 
 IFB 005-2012 Fire Alarm & P.A. Repair/Installations & Electrical Main Distribution Panel Upgrades  
 IFB 006-2012 Fire Alarm & P.A. Repair/Installations & Electrical Main Distribution Panel Upgrades   
 IFB 007-2012
Southern High School Gymnasium Renovations & Repairs
 IFB 008-2012  Southern High School Fine Arts Auditorium Renovation & Repairs 
 IFB 011-2012 E-Rate Network-Internal Connection Network Equipment 
 IFB 012-2012Purchase of Special Education Mini Buses 
 IFB 013-2012  E-Rate Internal Connection Fiber Optic Upgrades 
 IFB 014-2012Indefinite Quantity of Laptops 
 IFB 015-2012
Financial Management Information System Software and License
 IFB 016-2012Indefinite Quantity Bid for Digital Visual Presenters
 IFB 018-2012
George Washington High School STEM Classroom Bldg. & Renovation Repair
 IFB 019-2012
L.P. Untalan Middle School STEM Classroom Renovation
 IFB 020-2012    Hardware Upgrade for Power School 7.0
 IFB 021-2012 Fire Alarm Repair/Installation-Northern Schools
 IFB 022-2012 Fire Alarm Repair/Installation and Electrical Main Distribution Panel-Southern Schools
 IFB 023-2012
Structural Repairs and Roof Coatings-Northern/Central Schools
 IFB 024-2012
Structural Repairs and Roof Coatings-Central Schools
 IFB 025-2012
Structural Repairs and Roof Coating-Southern Schools 
 IFB 026-2012Preventive Maintenance & Minor Repairs for Split/Central AC Equipment 
 IFB 027-2012Leasing of School Buses (60 Passengers) for GDOE Double Session Students 
 IFB 001-2013 Indefinite Quantity-Educational Laboratory Supplies, Materials 7 Furniture 
 IFB 002-2013 IQB MS Academic Select Plus 
 IFB 003-2013 Administrative & Classroom Supplies Indefinite Quantity
 IFB 004-2013Custodial Services at Various Guam Department of Education Public Schools
 IFB 005-2013 E-RATE Network
 IFB 008-2013Indefinite Quantity Bid for Purchase of A/C Equipment 
 IFB 011-2013 Indefinite Quantity Bid for Classroom & Cafeteria Furniture 
 IFB 012-2013Indefinite Quantity Bid for Electrical Supplies
 IFB 013-2013Indefinite Quantity Bid for Plumbing Supplies
 IFB 014-2013 Indefinite Quantity Bid for Carpentry Supplies
 IFB 015-2013 Indefinite Quantity Bid for Welding Supplies 
 IFB 017-2013 Digital Visual Presenters, Digital Projectors, & Mobile Presenter Carts 
 IFB 018-2013 L.P. Untalan Middle School Renovation and Construction 
 IFB 019-2013Printing of SY 2013-2014 School Planners
 IFB 020-2013Indefinite Quantity Bid for Refrigeration Supplies 
 IFB 022-2013Laptops, Mobile Computer Labs, Laptops w/Docking Stations & Desktop Computers
 IFB 024-2013Purchase of Backhoe Loader 4 x 4
 IFB 025-2013 Network and Storage Room Renovation and Construction Package 1
 IFB 026-2013 Network and Storage Room Renovation and Construction Package 2
 IFB 028-2013Solid Waste Collection, Removal and Disposal Services  
 IFB 029-2013Purchase of Backhoe Loader 4x4 (Re-Bid)
 IFB 030-2013Custodial Services for all GDOE Public Schools (Re-Bid)
 IFB 031-2013Purchase of 7 Passenger Van 
 IFB 032-2013Design Build Fire Alarm System Upgrade/Replacement & Fire Suppression/Sprinkler
 IFB 002-2014Preventive Maintenance and Service of Ansul Systems and Fire Extinguishers, IND QTY Bid
 IFB 003-2014Cash Collection for All GDOE Public Schools & Support Facility
 IFB 004-2014 Indefinite Quantity Bid for the Purchase of Special Education Mini Buses (22 Passenger)
 IFB 005-2014 Air Conditioning Systems Exterior Duct Restoration Project
 IFB 007-2014Design Build Roof Replacement for Jose Rios Middle School Gymnasium 
 IFB 008-2014George Washington High School Synthetic Track Installation & Field Accessories
 IFB 009-2014 Indefinite Quantity Bid for Administrative/Instructional Supplies