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  F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School (FBLG) is located in Yigo, one of Guam’s northernmost villages. It is one of seven public middle schools on Guam. Originally built as an elementary school in 1976, FBLG was converted to a middle school in 1982. FBLG is renowned as the first public middle school on Guam to have received a full six-year accreditation term in July, 1998 and continued to uphold high standards of excellence to have received another six-year term in July, 2004, and a three-year term in May, 2011. 

      F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School is unique in that it shares part of its campus, the cafeteria, with Simon A. Sanchez High School. This close proximity allows for an intimate relationship between the two schools. As a major feeder school to Simon Sanchez High School, F.B.L.G. Middle School’s close proximity helps in fostering open communication and smooth student transition from middle to high school. Likewise, there are three major elementary schools that feed into F.B.L.G.: Upi Elementary School, Daniel L. Perez Elementary School, and Machananao Elementary School. Other students from Finegayan Elementary School and Maria A. Ulloa Elementary School also enroll at F.B.L.G. because of the districting requirements. The school also serves two large low socio-economic areas – the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Area (GHURA) #505 and #506, as well as numerous residential subdivisions and housing developments.
       The growing community of Yigo depends on the school for the education of its children, community services, and shelter in times of natural disasters. 
      As of January 11, 2008, F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School is the academic learning ground for 1,293 students, making it the second largest middle school on island. The school emphasizes the middle school concept of education involving Interdisciplinary Team Teaching and Advisor/Advisee Program. After enrolling, students are placed into an interdisciplinary academic team based on their Reading and Language Arts placement. Each grade level has three teams. Remedial Reading and Language Arts classes, Special Education, and English as a Second Language classes include multi-grade classes.

Who was FB Leon Guerrero?
Francisco Baza Leon Guerrero
1898 - 1974
"Mr. Organic Act"

Francisco Baza Leon Guerrero, often referred to as "Mr. Organic Act", was a Guam pioneer and statesman. He was known throughout the territory for his continuous efforts, both before and after the Japanese occupation and World War II, toward American citizenship for the people of Guam.

Born March 6, 1898, Tun Zoilo Kiko, as he was better known, acquired all the schooling that was available to him at the time on Guam. He was determined to advance himself and through correspondence courses, tutors, and private reading, he eventually managed to be admitted to the Guam Bar. However, like most Guamanian leaders of his time, he began his work as a teacher. During the period of 1914-1917, he served as a teacher, an assistant principal and a principal in various island villages. In 1918, he began a 14 year career with the Department of Agriculture as an animal husbandman. He continued, at the same time, his education to become - in his own words - a "machete scientist". As a farmer, he is credited with introducing several new varieties of tobacco leaf as well as many varieties of decorative and coconut palms to the island's flora. Despite his many scholarly interests and political activities, Mr. Leon Guerrero thought of himself as a farmer. He possessed a lively sense of humor and often said, "I was practicing as a lawyer without a portfolio. I won more cases before I was licensed than after."

A member of both the pre-World War II Guam Congress and the post-war Guam Legislature, Mr. Leon Guerrero was one of the islands most consistent advocates for a greater measure of self-government for Guam. In 1936, when the people of Guam decided to send two representatives to Washington DC to make a personal appeal for American citizenship, Mr. Leon Guerrero and Mr. Baltazar J. Bordallo were chosen to make the trip. Family land holdings were sold to help finance the journey. As a result of their trip, a bill was introduced by Senator Gibson of Vermont and Senator Tydings of Maryland. This bill, S1450, would have granted United States citizenship to the People of Guam. The bill was passed in the Senate but failed to gain approval in the House. Undaunted, he returned to Guam to continue his efforts to lift Guamanians out of the status of the native in the eyes of the Organic Act. Accompanied by Antonio Won Pat, former Governor Skinner, and bundles of petitions, Tun Kiko returned to Washington in April, 1950. He testified in favor of the bill that was to become the Organic Act of Guam. It was during this testimony that he uttered his now famous words, passed in July,  

Mr. Leon Guerrero then served as a member of both the First and Third Guam Legislature, and Speaker of the Third Guam Legislature. He can also boast two presidential appointments: Representative of the Western Pacific to the 1951 White House Conference on Children and Youth and membership in the Commission on Application of Federal Law to Guam. In 1962, he suffered a severe stroke. This highly respected and true elder statesmen of Guam died on March 8, 1974.

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