Division of Curriculum & Instruction

The Guam Department of Education is committed to providing the support structures that will allow all students to succeed based on local guidelines, the State Strategic Plan, and the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

Division of Curriculum & Instruction VISION STATEMENT 

The Division of Curriculum and Instruction will be the educational catalyst that activates excellence for student achievement through curricular support and to empower educators to become diverse, high performing, life-long learners.

Division of Curriculum & Instruction MISSION STATEMENT 

The mission of the Division of Curriculum & Instruction is to cultivate an educational community of productive and well-informed administrators, teachers and students who are able to reach their full potential. The division is committed to meeting national standards for educational excellence through its continuous efforts to provide high-quality curricular support programs and activities through community alliances; international, national and local collaborations and regional partnerships.

FUNCTIONS of the Division of Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum Development: Coordinates curriculum development throughout the district for all grade levels, content areas and special needs.

Program Development: Provides leadership and support in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of programs that facilitate better student performance and achievement.

Professional Development: Provides programmatic assistance to increase teacher effectiveness and competency to achieve greater student outcomes. Also coordinates in-service workshops, seminars, and course offerings for the professional development of employees of the department.

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