Deepening Your Prayer Life

Writing out your prayers as you pray offers many benefits and is well worth the effort to develop this tool. 
Prayer writing helps in…
1. Focus
2. Depth 
3. Clarity
4. Further writing 
5. Prayer reminders
6. Record of spiritual journey
7. Future prayer starter

Focus is the 1st and normally most urgent benefit.

As a church we have grown in our prayer life in this past year. As we grow in our prayer life we find greater joy in God’s presence as we explore and discover the greatness of His love for us and His fervent desire of our presence. We have discovered shelter from life’s storms, a sure presence in our loneliness and the awareness of the Holy Spirit in our day to day life.

But, oh, the wanderings of our minds and hearts in the midst of our best intentions deter us from a disciplined lifestyle of prayer. One day I came to the church to pray. I came because I had made a commitment to pray but came with an unwilling heart. I had pulled myself away from other things I was doing, I was grumbly about things going on in my life. My spiritual disciplines had wandered from the purpose of growing into the image of Christ into an ‘ok, lets get this done’ attitude. I had slipped into ‘doing’ prayers rather than being in God’s presence for communion with the Holy One and the intercession for the nations. In short, I had lost my focus. Oh, the wanderings of our hearts and minds when we seek to serve our LORD.

I started writing out my prayer. One word at a time I began to scribe the prayer in my heart. I began to write faster and faster as the words of my prayer began to tumble out onto the page. The words were not always in order and the spelling was mostly wrong but the effort to record my prayer onto paper or into my phone gave me the focus I needed. As my heart poured out my pleas to God my hand kept rhythm with a pen.

Next time you find your heart and mind distracted from your prayers try writing out your prayer. Just start with 1 word and then a sentence.  Write your prayer as you pray rather than writing a prayer about what you want to pray. As you experiment and develop the skill of writing your prayers as you pray them you will be able to focus more intently on your time spent with God. 

Writing whether with a pen or on a pc has many benefits which we will explore at another time. 

A recently scribed prayer:
Our Lord, let your Holy Spirit be evident in this place.
Blow your Spirit like a mighty wind through this sanctuary.
Touch the hearts of your people and let them hunger after you.
Let your Spirit blow through this place and awaken your sleeping children, stir them from their slumber. 
Let there be revival in your church. 
Oh Lord, blow your mighty wind.  Rattle, Lord, the shingles, shake the beams and the rafters too.
Most Holy Lord, let us feel your wind upon our face, let us feel the sudden sweep of our hearts.  Blow your wind Lord, your mighty wind. Amen

Ann Fitzgerald, April 2016