Connecting With God In Prayer

One of the most critical aspects in learning to pray for others is to get in contact with God so that his life and power can flow through us into others. Celebration of discipline

Jesus walks with us everyday. He watches, encourages, guides, listens to us everyday. He is with us when we explore, when we play, when we laugh and when create When we slow down our rush of living and listen we will hear his voice and will know Eternity lives within our hearts. How can we be in contact with God? Start by reflecting or meditating on a psalm or one of God’s amazing attributes. Try a favorite hymn or a walk outdoors. Ponder these things, turn them over in your mind, sit with them a while allowing them to seep into your heart turning your eyes toward the God who waits for you. As this world fades and His presence becomes clear, praise and thanksgiving will begin to flow from your heart. This is the meeting place of the God, the Creator and us the created. This is the point of contact for God, the Lover, and us the beloved. Now is the time for prayer.


Ann Fitzgerald, August 2016