Here at Gloria Dei, we’re in the process of reexamining what it means to be a part of God’s Kingdom, and changing our culture to be in line with what Jesus has in mind for His church. We have begun a consultation process with Church Doctor Ministries to determine where we stand, and more importantly, what next steps to take in becoming a place where disciples who make disciples who make disciples are made. I see a growing commitment, noted in the “holy discontent” among us, to be and become genuine disciples of Jesus, with Him as our head, and every person equipped and capable of sharing faith with their network of family, friends, and acquaintances.

To that end, we’re once again looking at the study series called Alpha. We first ran a
series of Alpha sessions
back about 15-20 years ago. It has been suggested to us again by Church Doctors as helpful in our preparations for our Healthy Churches Thrive journey.

From the “Run Alpha Handbook” this is how it is described:

What is ALPHA? Alpha is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. It’s run in churches, bars, coffee shops and homes worldwide. Essentially, Alpha is a safe place to explore life’s biggest questions.

What’s the story? Alpha started in 1977 in England, in a church called Holy Trinity Brompton, affectionately known as HTB. HTB was very theologically rooted and was using Alpha as a course for new Christians or those new to the church. In 1991, a young pastor named Nicky Gumbel took over leading Alpha and he observed that it was effective at connecting with people outside the church. He noticed the general format and lack of pressure resonated with most people, but especially with young adults. At this time in England, and much of Europe, many assumptions about faith in God, the Bible and Jesus were being abandoned, similar to what we are experiencing in the US and Canada today. (© 2017 by Alpha USA, W Publishing Group, Nashville TN, page 7)

Our interest in Alpha is simply a beginning point of learning what tools are available to us in order to share the Gospel. We’ll be watching it with a bilateral purpose – first to grow our own faith in the basic elements of faith; and second with an eye to how, sometime in the future in the midst of our being and becoming better disciples of Jesus, we might implement this as a part of our journey here at Gloria Dei.

These are exciting times here at Gloria Dei! The next ten years look to be among the most exciting times for us ever!

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