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BY-LAWS Back Country Horsemen of Pisgah 

Adopted, December 2010 
Amended February 2013 
Amended July 2015 
ARTICLE I – NAME The name of this Chapter shall be Back Country Horsemen of Pisgah, abbreviated to BCHP. 
ARTICLE II – PURPOSE The purpose of this organization shall be: 
1. To perpetuate the common sense use and enjoyment of horses in America’s back country and wilderness areas. 
2. To work to insure that public lands remain open to recreational stock use. 
3. To assist the various government, state, and private agencies in their maintenance and management of these areas. 
4. To educate, encourage, and solicit active participation in the use of the back country resources by stock users and the general public commensurate with our heritage. 
5. To foster and encourage the formation of new BCHA organizations. 
Section 1. Membership shall be open to anyone who is committed to the purposes of BCHPNC as stated in ARTICLE II. 
Section 2. The membership classifications shall be “Single”, “Family”, “Youth” and “Supporting.” 
Section 3. Membership shall correspond to the calendar year – January 1 through December 31. 
Section 4. “Good standing” shall refer to being current on dues. 
Section 5: Supporting member will be those individuals who cannot be active members, but wish to support BCHP with monies or equipment. 
Section 6: Youth membership includes any member between the ages of 12 - 17 years, and not included in a Family Membership. Youth members may vote, but not hold office. 
Section 1. Dues shall be determined by majority vote of the membership. Dues shall be payable on the first day of January of each year. Dues shall be considered delinquent when not paid within three months of the January date. Delinquency in payment of the annual dues shall remove a member from “good standing” and said member shall relinquish all voting rights and privileges. 
Section 2. The holding of any office or membership on any committee shall be contingent upon the member being in “good standing”. 
Section 1. Single members shall be entitled to one vote. Family members shall be entitled to two votes. Only members in good standing [dues paid] may exercise the right to vote on matters of Chapter business. Supporting members is a non-voting membership. 
Section 2. A simple majority of members present and in good standing shall be required to conduct any business at a regular business meeting that requires votes to be cast. 
Section 3. Twelve [12] members shall constitute a quorum for transaction of legal business. 
Section 1. Regular meetings shall be established and held at a time and place decided by a simple majority vote of the membership. 
Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the President or upon request by any three [3] voting members. 
Section 3. Notice shall be given to voting members of all meetings. 
Section 1. The Officers of the Chapter shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, two Directors, the Trail Coordinators and such other officers as the voting membership may create. 
Section 2. The election of officers shall be conducted at the January meeting in accordance with ARTICLE IX of these by-laws. 
Section 3. Any vacancy in an office shall be filled by special election except for that of President, which shall automatically be filled by the Vice President. 
Section 4. Webmaster is an appointed position to be handled in the manner of committees. 
Section 1. The power and authority of this organization shall be vested in membership. The officers shall conform to the wishes and instructions of the membership; and subject to the rules of this document, manage and execute the affairs of the organization. When the organization is not in session, the officers shall have all needful authority to manage the activities of the organization. 
Section 2. The President, or his representative, shall preside at all meetings. The President shall appoint committee chairmen and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President will authorize disbursement of funds. The President shall be responsible for all communication between the state and national organization. 
Section 3. The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President when absent, or by request. The Vice President may also approve the disbursement of funds. 
Section 4. The Secretary shall record and keep the minutes of all regular and special meetings, shall handle all correspondence of the Chapter as directed by the officers (email, written, telephone, etc) and perform such other duties as pertains to this office. 
Section 5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial control of all affiliate funds. The Treasurer shall give financial reports to the membership on a regular basis, shall keep financial records of income and expenditures suitable for audit, shall assist in the formation of an annual budget, shall collect dues, and maintain a “good standing” membership list. The Treasurer shall get approval from the President or Vice President for the disbursement of funds. Any commitment for expense in excess of $100 must be pre-approved by simple majority vote of the membership present. 
Section 6. The Webmaster (an appointed position by the President) shall be responsible for maintaining and recording all data including, but not limited to: membership, work hours, tool lists and financial data. The Webmaster shall issue reports to the membership and BCH NC at regular intervals, or as requested. 
Section 1. There shall be two (2) Directors elected from the membership at large to serve as State Directors, one serving a two (2) year term, the other serving a three (3) year term. The Chapter President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall also serve as State Directors during their terms of office. 
Section 1. Officers and Directors shall be elected at the January meeting and will assume office at the next regular meeting. Officers shall serve through the January meeting of the following year. Officers shall serve no more than two consecutive terms. 
Section 2. A nominating committee of as least three members shall be appointed by the President at least two months prior to the general election. 
Section 3. The nominating committee shall select a slate of candidates for the officers and director positions to be voted on at the general election. The slate shall be presented at the regular December meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor during the election. 
Section 1. Committees, necessary for the functioning of the Chapter, shall be created by the President, with the approval of the membership. Section 2. Committee chairmen shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the membership. Vacancies of a committee chairman shall be filled by appointment by the President. Section 3. Committee chairmen shall select members as necessary to accomplish the functions of the committee. 
ARTICLE XII – REMOVAL A Chapter member may only be removed from the Chapter by an action instituted by a two thirds majority vote of the State Board of Directors of the BCH of NC. If the member is removed from the Chapter, their state membership may be revoked by a two thirds majority vote of the NC State Board of Directors. ARTICLE XIII – AMENDMENTS Section 1. These By-Laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a simple majority vote, provided notice of such proposed amendment and a “first reading” be given to the membership at a regular meeting preceding the vote on the amendment. By-laws adopted this ______day of _____________, 20____ __________________________________ President __________________________________ Secretary