GHS Faculty/Staff


Tom Smith

Campus Principal


Mr. Bryson Worley

Assistant Principal


770-536-4441 ext. 5422


Dawn Jordan

Assistant Principal


Mr. Adrian Cromwell

Assistant Principal

770-536-4441ext. 5425

Tonya Sanders

Assistant Principal

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Graduation Coach:


Antione Whelchel

Graduation Specialist



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Social Work:

Jarod Anderson, LMSW

Director of Learning Supports




School Leadership Team


Marianna Connor (SPED Department Chair)
Katie Denning (ESOL Transition Coordinator 6-12)
Laura Elsarelli  (Science Department Chair)
Julia Hamilton (Chorus/Fine Arts Department Chair)
Mitzi Harmon (ESOL Dept Chair)
Deidre Kell (Foreign Language Department Chair)
Cindy Lloyd  (English Language Arts Dept. Chair)
Adam Miller (P. E. Department Chair/9th Grade)
David McConnell (Social Studies Department Chair)
Whitney McPherson (CTAE Dept Chair)
Natalie Smith (Instructional Specialist)
Mikkie Stinchcomb  (Math Dept Chair)
John Thompson  (Stomp Lab Instructor)
Janice Young (GLA Director)

Front Office Personnel:

Ashley Behal Receptionist Third Floor Office
Pat Caldwell Secretary CTAE & 9th Grade Center
Pat Cook  Receptionist 9th Grade Center
Leslie Dorsey Principal's Secretary
Mindy Ferran Receptionist Main Office
Laura Hughs Bookkeeper
Berlinda Lipscomb  Student Services Third Floor Office
Shailice Lopez Guidance Receptionist
Kendall Thompson QBE Clerk


Support Personnel:


Chris Coy  SRO 9th Grade Center
Yolanda Gomez Parent Coordinator
Roberto Machado  Security
John Thompson Stomp Lab
Debbie Valdez Technology Specialist
Tony Vega Technology Specialist
Griggs Wall  SRO
LeeAnn Waller Receptionist CTAE
Antione Whelchel Graduation Coach


School Nurse:


Paula B  Sawyer Nurse



Media Center:

Susan Wooten Media Specialist
Rey Zamora   Media Clerk


Cafeteria Personnel:


Brandy Thomas Cafeteria Manager
Amy  Morrison Cafeteria Manager, 9th Grade Center
Patricia Contreras  9th Grade Center Cafeteria
Faye Davis Cafeteria 9th Grade Center
Maria Elias Cafeteria
Maria Guerrero Cafeteria 9th Grade Center
Consuelo Hernanez Cafeteria
Nita Jennings Cafeteria
Paula Lewis Cafeteria
Mary Robinson Cafeteria
Kimberly Smith Cafeteria
Lisa Starnes Cafeteria


Counseling Team:


Betsy Escamilla
Michael Jackson Grade 10 - 12 - (O-Z)
Rakia Marcus 9th Grade Center
J. D.  Mutchler Grade 10-12 - (G-N)
Wendy Savitz  Grade 10-12 (A-F)

World Language Team:

Ken Basinger  Website
Stacy Finelli Website
Deidre Kell
Jose Sanchez Website
Emily Webster Website
Julia  Zhu Website

English Team:


Sandy Blankenship
Cortney Evans Website
Kristi French
Jenny Givens Website
Jarret Holland Website
Stephanie Hulsey
Cindy  Lloyd Website
Gay Maehrlein
Lara  Mallard Website
Jeffrey Mann
Bri Neves
Jordan Plank
John Price Website
Bryant Tench
Amanda Toney Website
Brian West
Michael Williams


Social Studies Team:


Kelsie Burks
Cris Carpenter
Cristi Conti   
Richard Elsarelli Website
Richard Howard Website
David McConnell Website
Sandy Rivera Website
Charlie Sea Website
Kristy Smith
Derek Tiller
Nancy Ware Website
Rickey Young


Science Team:


Sandra Claxton
Laura Elsarelli
Garrick Hill  Website
Derrick Jones
April Karn  Website
Lance Kelley
Teresa Leach  Website
Alejandra Quevedo
Pamela Quigley-Jones
Nantheyyen Ramachandran
Dane Robar  Website
Melissa Schenfield
Haley Swift
Alyssa Lacey Tolbert
Jenny Zschau

Fine Arts Team:


Sarah Claussen  (Art)  Website
Larry Miller  (Band)   Website       
Clay Sayre (Art) Website
Pam Ware (Drama) Website
Teresa Williams


Drivers Education Team:

Vickery, Wayne

Math Team:

Sarah Almand  Website
Susan Bolen Website
Christy Britton  Website
Billy Bryan   Website
Ashley Burroughs Website
Adam Cain
Lames Coldren
Shelly Cornett   Website
Katie Fox
Melissa Hill   Website
Beth Hintze
Trailly Holland Website
Walter Jester Website
Casey Jordan  Website
Chandra Karnati
Vijji Karnati
Gail King   Website
Joe Miller
Erasmus Muhammad
Randall Roys Website
Brandy Stapleton Website 
Joanne Stenger 
Mikki Stinchcomb Website 
Elie Viviant
Katy Wright


Physical Education Team:


Brenda Gilmore
David Hawkins  Website
Wayne Jones
Jeremy Kemp
Stan Luttrall
Clay McDonald
Adam Miller
Bruce Miller
Brad Prestridge
Matt Shirley
Benjiamin Wood

Career & Technology Team:


Kateria  Bogan  (Law and Public Safety)   Website
Nathan Bourdeau   (NJROTC) Website
Steven Cornett (Marketing) Website
Lorissa  Crumley  (Early Childhood Ed)   Website
Abshul Ellis  (Culinary Arts)
Ron Friedman (Business)   Website
Dave Head   (Robotics)  Website
Karen Jackson   (Early Childhood Ed)   Website
Steve Lawhorne   (Audio/Video Tech)
Bray List
Darrell Lucas   (Construction)   Website
Shane Millwood   (Construction)   Website
Edward Nemec   (Engineering and Tech) Website
Jason Nierenhausen
Helen Perry (Youth Based Learning/WBL)  Website
Scott Thomson  (JROTC)
Whitney Van Atta  (Business)
Robert Yadon (Healthcare Business)



ESOL Team:

Chiqui Artley
Sarah Densmore  Website
Mitzi Harmon  Website mitzi.harmon@gcssk12.met
Nicoletta Freeman
Kristina Sandi
Cassandra Young   Website


Transition Team:


Brian Kovach
Derek Rials
Josh O'Hara
Angela Haughton

Special Education/ Special Needs Team:


Cedric Allen
Kelly Bagwell  Website
Marianna Connor
Brett Dillin
Stacia Dillin
Shelly Garner
Sijiye Godfrey
Connie Henderson  Website
Robert  Horne
Sally Jackson
Heather McConnell
Jennifer Moore
Allison Worley  Website



Haydee Anderson Para Computer Lab
Emily Cain  Severe & Profound Para
John Corbett  Parapro
Cindy England    SPED Parapro
Kamria Fields     Parapro
Tauris Hendrix Severe & Profound Para
Cristie Langford   SPED Parapro
Emily Miller     Parapro
Christy Pierce   SPED Parapro
Colin Ray          Parapro
LeeAnn Waller   Parapro
Niviea Williams  Para Computer Lab