Welcome To Our
Art Class!

Art Supply Costs:
If your student need to purchase, for the first time, or replace a sketchbook, the cost will be as stated below.
All secondary art students must purchase a sketchbook and brushes for use during the year.
If your student already has a sketchbook (with blank pages left in it) and brushes from last year, they will not have to purchase new ones, this year.

ARTIST BRUSHES (set of 10).......$5.00

Paige Massey-Orlando!
Our own Miss Paige Massey's painting of monochromatic trees, was one of the works chosen works to go to Whirlpool to be on display for the summer months!
There was an artists reception and tour for artists and their families in May!
Give her a high five (if young adults still do that) and a "well done!" when you see her!

Monochromatic Trees- By Paige Massey


Opportunities to support our Visual Arts Class continues this year, with ARTSONIA!

Artsonia is the largest online art museum in the world, where your child's artwork can be displayed to family and friends. It is a secure website concerned with your child's safety. When you give permission (which is good for the entire time your child attends Grace) your child will be issued an ID number such as, "Becky4294" Your child's last name and personal information are never given out, or put online! Others who may view your child's work may leave comments, as can  you and your family. But you will see the comments first, and be able to determine if you wish to allow that comment to be posted to the site.

Remember! 20% of your purchase comes back to the GCS Visual Arts Class! This will help supplement out budget, and help us purchase much needed supplies and equipment!

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Tarantino


Parents and Middle School & High School Art Parents!!!

Your student's art assignments will be posted to this website.   

 Middle school and high school parents and students, will find their students assignments under the tab marked Middle School & High School Assignments.    

The students will receive, in class, an assignment sheet containing all of their sketchbook and art vocabulary assignments for the entire quarter.       

They have the option of choosing which of sketchbook assignments they will do for the upcoming due date.  All assignments must be done before the end of the quarter unless otherwise stated. If there are pictures, for the students use, included with the assignment, I will also post those on the site, as well.                                         

I will post the number of the assignment in the notes portion of Gradelink, so you and your student can know which assignment each grade is for. All sketchbook assignments have an identifying number before it.


Box Factory for the Arts

Art Show Winner from GCS!

From our elementary grades, our GCS RESA winner is Miss Ava Rush, fourth grade! The RESA award is a $50 scholarship to use toward any art classes offered in Berrien County! CONGRATULATIONS AVA! You can see her award winning work, currently on display in the commons!

From our junior high and high school grades, our GCS RESA winners are Jaden Aukerman, seventh grade, and Shiji (Max) Wang, tenth grade! Both received the $50 art scholarship! Their work is currently at the Box Factory, until Monday. After that it will be on display in the commons.



  Art Competitions!!!

Blick Pen and Ink Art Contest!!!
Get ready to exercise your imagination and your ink pen! Blick, one of our art suppliers, is sponsoring a fun contest! Check it out!
Log on to the following website to participate in this neat contest!
Open to 18 year olds and older.



Art Room Needs!

Kleenex--2 or 3 boxes 
Hand soap 1 or 2 bottles
1 box of zipper sandwich baggies
Kitchen size garbage bags (not scented,please!)
   1 dozen newspapers


Last Art Class  Trip,Of the Year,
to Frederik Meijer Garden's!
Monday, May 1, the junior high/ high school visual arts class made a trip to Grand Rapids to visit the Frederik Meijer Garden's.

The weather was beautiful, with skies just threatening rain, and a few sprinkles while we were out seeing the sights! 

We saw many interesting, and sometimes confusing sculptures. Above is a work called, "The American Horse."  This incredible sculpture was created by American artist, Nina Adamu. The horse measures twenty-four feet tall, and is an incredible sight to behold!

The horse is modeled after a sculpture planned by Leonardo da Vinci. da Vinci had created a clay sculpture of his horse, and had purchased the materials need to cast the sculpture. French soldiers arrived, and used the clay horse for target practice with their bows and arrows, and destroyed it, then confiscated the metal he had purchased to cast the sculpture. da Vinci never made his horse.

Other's tried to re-create da Vinci's s sculpture, but, as they were amateurs, their dimensions were incorrect. With the wrong dimensions, the horse looked awkward and strange as it was enlarged. There was too much to try to correct and the statue was discontinued.

Nina Adamu studied da Vinci's drawings, and began to create the sculpture you see above. She created two 24 foot horses.  The one you see above, and the other was a gift for the Italian city of Milan.

If you get a chance to visit Frederik Meijer Garden's, you won't be disappointed! There is also an indoor gallery as well as beautiful botanical gardens! 
There is a children's garden where younger children (as well as a few older ones) can enjoy the art and beautiful trees and plant life!