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Welcome to the books site.

Watch the movie - on youtube soon, vote / debate being made on whether or not its a movie or cartoon...

This is part 1 of the 3 part WAR saga, media that fits in is the show on BadgerTv, Concon. 
These are the sagas:

Part 1 - WIlly and Orange - find out how the brother's lost their friendship.
    - Also has aftermath series, book 2 in process soon hopefully!

Part 2 - Badger - Find out his life before meeting Concon, part 1 he is also in the next saga but not main character.

Part 3 - The firelord - Find out what happened before Badger met Concon, it was dark, cold, and war was uprising, only one man could help it, the mysterious firelord. The epic finale that brought place before the BadgerTv hit show is finally here! Only six words can put it this way You won't believe how it ends! Coming shortly after Saga 2.

Chronological order of the WAR saga

Part 1 - Books, movie being made based on all three, will be in 2 parts, debate on whether or not its filmed in cartoon or reality.
Part 2 - Books, movie planned to be made, each movie separate, too much to scrunch in here.
Part 3 - Books, movie planned to be made also, separate for sure, each book contains violence so it will be gory, and yes, each movie will be part of the finale, same as for books.
The rise of Orange, an Uncle Concon movie, coming soon. CARTOON! It is cartoon because it is far soon to tape, it is planned to come late 2012 - early 2013 but not official, dead rumors are November 7th and January 6th so yet unofficial...
Uncle Concon seasons 1 - 5 - Season 3 starts September 7th, 2012.
World War 5 - A movie based on the show, there will be blood, continues the war Season 5 began, ends it so season 6 starts fresh.
Uncle Concon seasons 6 - 8
Legendary - A movie to end it all, blood will be rised, everyone from the previous media that hasn't died or is still alive you don't know about will be in this. The shattering, breathtaking conclusion will leave you speechless...