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Quote of the day:  If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything; it is open to everything. - Shunryu Suzuki

Hi everyone, I've re-tooled this newsletter, and slightly renamed it. I've also created an online site for professional growth at Grace. You can find it as a link on the faculty portal or by clicking here. That site will continue to keep a copy of every installment of Growing at Grace, so you can always go back there for a look.

This edition is a little longer, so if you can carve out 3-5 minutes to read it, I think you'll find it useful. As always, keep the helpful tips and reviews of sessions coming! Below you will find news, some useful e-mail lists that you might want to join, upcoming PD events, and lastly, useful articles.


After the great response to the iPad roundtable, Chante has volunteered to facilitate a monthly iPad breakfast. Click here to sign up.

Some e-mail lists you may want to join

People of Color in Independent Schools - if you are a person of color, join the listserv by e-mailing

New York Independent School Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Educator Group - join the listserv for LGBT educators or allies by e-mailing:

Here's what's coming up and looking great - a growing list is on the Professional Growth Upcoming Opportunities page

Today, 10/17 after 1p there will be a block party in Cooper Square in front of our new high school. It's to celebrate the new President of Cooper Union Jamshed Bharucha. Come join for free food from East Village restaurants.

Blended Learning I - The Online School for Girls offers an online course for teachers interested in learning about the concept of blender learning, blending traditional face to face with online instruction. It starts this week and runs through November 13.

Saturday 10/22 9a-3p: iPad iTeach - a Teach 21 workshop on iPad's and iPod touches where teachers will come away with actual examples, a detailed rubric for assessment, and hands-on experience using the iPad and iPod Touch

Wednesday 10/26, 8:30a-2:30p: Accountability & Sustainability in Urban Education - a conference held at Baruch College sponsored by the tuition-free Children's Storefront School. Our very own George D. is on the advisory committee!

Thursday 10/27 10a-3:30p: Singapore Approach to Math with Meaning: Foundations of Number Sense - NYSAIS workshop for 1st - 6th grade teachers, and hosted here at Grace!

Wednesday 10/26 5-7p: Klingenstein Center Reception for Independent School Educators of Color: learn about their graduate and summer programs in independent school leadership.

Thursday 10/27  7:00 p.m: John Merrow "A 12-Step Program to Transform Public Education." Part of LREI's Idea's Speaker Series. GCS Faculty are invited to attend for free. RSVP to LREI's Head of School Phil Kassen at: Let me know if you plan to attend.

Thursday 10/27 4-6p: How to Integrate Storytelling into an Early Childhood and/or Elementary Curriculum. ATIS workshop at The Town School, 540 East 76th Street. RSVP to Free for GCS faculty.

Friday 10/28, 10a-3:30p: Singapore Approach to Math with Meaning: Model Drawing - NYSAIS workshop for 1st - 6th grade teachers, and hosted here at Grace!

Friday 10/28 10a-4:30p: Why Johnny Can't Search: Making Search Strategies Work in the Humanities Classroom - NYSAIS workshop for Middle School and High School humanities teachers with keynote titled, "Nurturing the 21st Century Classroom: Research, Methods, and Resources."

10/29-11/2: The Summit for Courageous Conversations - brings together dedicated leaders for racial equity to engage in a deepened conversation about systemic racism and its impact on opportunity and achievement for all students. San Francisco, CA.

11/5: A number of Teach 21 workshops at The School at Columbia including:
11/9-11/11: NYSAIS Education and Information Technology Conference - residential conference focused on librarians and technologists and their work with information literacies.

Tuesday 11/15 6-8p: The Dynamic Childhood Brain: Preparing for a Lifetime - Parents & Science event at Rockefeller University featuring leading-edge scientists presenting work in digestible ways for non-scientists. During this sessions neuroscientist Mary Beth Hatten will describe this dynamic period of transformation and also discuss abnormalities in early development that may play a role in learning disabilities, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and some forms of childhood epilepsy. Thanks to PA President Amber for the tip.

11/17-11/22: National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference - in Chicago, dedicated to supporting English instruction. Many workshops, keynotes, lectures, and more.

11/18-11/20: Preparing 21st Century Minds: Using Brain Research to Enhance Cognitive Skills for the Future.

12/1-12/3: NAIS People of Color Conference - the annual conference dedicated to supporting people of color in independent schools. Workshops, keynotes, performances, and more. Always a wonderful affair.

Some good reads this week

Why Education Without Creativity Isn't Enough (Fast Company)

Why Do Some People Learn Faster? (Wired) Science and math won't improve U.S. job prospects. But creativity will.

Personal Best (New Yorker) - excellent article on professionals using coaching to get better; includes a range of professions from surgeons to teachers.

Learn How to Think Differently (Harvard Business Review)

John's tech tips: (GCS) - John shares how to make your schedule (or any other file) the background image on your computer. How helpful!

Allowing Teenage Boys to Love Their Friends (NY Times)

YouTube Announces YouTube for Teachers (YouTube blog)

The Learning on PBS: the story of four Filipina women who reluctantly leave their families and schools to teach in Baltimore (via Asian Cinevision newsletter).

What if the secret of success is failure?
(NY Times): one of the most popular stories on the NY Times for weeks and includes Riverdale School's approaches to learning in the 21st century.

Asian Leaders Reflect on Democracy, Human Rights (Asia Society): Video: In two days of speeches at Asia Society, leaders from the Philippines, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Mongolia posit essential links between democratic values, justice, accountability and respect for human rights. (3 min., 29 sec.)

Are Top Students Getting Short Shrift? (NY Times): The Room for Debate site takes on this question and allows different experts to weigh in.

The Metropolitan Museum has a new website. Be sure to check out the educator area for information on how best to use the museum for teaching and learning.

If you got this far, thanks for reading! Feel free to leave comments below.