Miss Cottrell's Room

Welcome back!  I'm looking forward to a great year together!     

Feel free to visit and browse to learn about what will be happening this year in Language Arts and Social Studies. Also, check out this web page for nightly homework and updated resources.

Basic Class Procedures:

1. Come to class prepared!  Make sure that you always have your notebook, your language text or literature circle book when needed, your Chromebook, and something to write with.

2. Complete homework on time!  There will be some daily work as well as long term assignments in 7th grade.  Time management is important, so make sure you are keeping up with deadlines and complete your homework on time!  Use class time wisely.

3. Any late work or missing work should be completed as soon as possible!  If you have assignments to turn in that are past the due date, put them in the appropriate baskets at the back of the classroom.  I will receive them the next time I collect homework.  Do not try to hand papers to me, who knows where they may end up! 

4. Attitude is everything!  Maintaining a positive attitude and being respectful of your teachers, fellow classmates, and materials will make school enjoyable for everyone! Be ready to work hard and give your best effort every day, whether that means listening in class, working with a group, or completing an assignment, quiz, or test.  Remember that I am here to help you, but will not do the work for you.  I might give the grades, but you are the one who earns them.

5. Let's have fun!  Both Language Arts and Social Studies have a creative side.  I hope that we are all able to learn from each other, laugh, and create some great work this year!