Mr. Sloup's Home Page for the 2017-2018 School Year

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Contact Mr. Sloup
E-mail Mr. Sloup at

Phone Mr. Sloup at school:
402 734-2000 x336

In order to avoid chronically long lines and a long wait in front of Mr. Sloup's table at parent-teacher conferences, feel free to e-mail or call Mr. Sloup and set up an individual conference after school on any school day. 

When is Mr. Sloup Available to Help?
Mr. Sloup is available at the following times throughout the school day to provide additional assistance to students:

* Before school (you must let Mr. Sloup know one school day ahead of time)

* Homeroom (every other Tuesday)

* 4th Period

* Lunch A

* 5th Period (Media Center)

* Lunch B

* After school