Welcome to the Art Room web site! 

My name is Ms. Santer and I teach Introductory Art to 3 sections of combined 7th and 8th graders and Advanced Art to a group of 8th graders. The classes last a full year. 

Introductory Art begins with basic drawing and painting skills, focusing on line and shading and color mixing.  We spend quite a bit of time practicing proper use and care of art tools and materials.  

Advanced Art reviews and builds on these skills, and focuses on developing artistic independence and expression. We are fortunate to have the Futures High School art room across the hall, and we are using their ceramics kilns for a couple of clay projects, with the cooperation of the high school art teacher Mrs. Lam.

All classes move on to more complex processes, including printmaking, sculpture and animation.  Please take a look at our galleries of student work, and the resources page.

Your help is always appreciated and we occasionally need parent assistance. We also need old towels and washcloths if you have any to donate.

Check the News section of this website for updates.

Contact Ms. Santer any time with comments or questions at: