Scholastic Books Online

Remember all book orders are due the first Friday of the month! 
 Our next order is due September 7th


Online Ordering Information

Web address:

Class Activation Code: J2NL7

When ordering from Scholastic online, you are required to pay with a credit card.  If you would prefer to have me place your order, please send the order form with with cash or check made out to Shelley Maze.  This will allow me to place the order on my personal credit card for quicker delivery.

If you ever need your Scholastic order to be a surprise, please let me know.  I can make arrangements with you to pick up books to surprise your child for a birthday, Christmas or even a special treat! 


                               I love books and I want your child to love them too! There is nothing like owning your

favorite book! Please use your judgment in ordering books, not all books are endorsed by our school.