Community Service

To the BWL Community,

In our effort to make the whole BWL Community aware of our responsibilities in Giving Back, we have designated teachers in each Division to focus on Community Service activities.  In the Lower School Sarah Joyce will be in charge of this.  In the Middle School, Lori Kennedy will continue to have this role.  and Susan Leonard will focus on the Upper School and oversee the program.

Being part of a community means contributing to it as well as learning and receiving from it.  Although we are no longer requiring Community Service as a graduation requirement in the Upper School, our expectation is that nonetheless you will be involved.  This may take the form of volunteering at your church or synagogue, tutoring a student in one of the many programs available, serving at a food kitchen, pamphleting or otherwise working on a political campaign or, at the very least, contributing and joining a fundraising walk for a charity you think is important.

This year we are going to set up more group activities for students to participate together.  Volunteering with your families is important. Groups of friends may join together to do something or start their own organization.  I will continue to keep track of your hours, so please continue to report them to me.

At the bottom of this page you will see the projects already being set up.  

I look forward to working with you, as always.  If you have any other ideas you would like to bring to me, please do. Please contact Susan Leonard at or 212-861-0404 Ext. 124 for further information or to add volunteer opportunities and walks to our list.

Lower and Middle School Sandwich-making for New York Common Pantry: 11/30; 1/18; 2/8; 3/1; 4/26; 5/17

Upper School serves dinner at New York Common Pantry: 11/9; 12/7; 1/25; Spring Dates TBD

Political Campaigns


Helping disadvantaged students through basketball

Saturday, November 12  Ronald McDonald Fun Run.  Great for Lower School Students  Ages 4-17. Upper School Students help organize the BWL students or Run.  See me for registration.

Teensgiving at the 92nd St. Y November 13

Friendship Circle:  Helping children with autism Sunday afternoons. Open to Middle and Upper School students

92nd Street Y Teen Center