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Plagiarism - A Video Crash-Course for GBWA Students

Plagiarism is a serious offense at the Gresham Barlow Web Academy, and we want to be sure that all of our students fully understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.  The selection of videos and websites in this mini-course will help you to better understand plagiarism and provide you with knowledge to avoid plagiarism in your writings and related school work.

Click on the or icon within a video to see it full screen on your computer. Hit the Escape (Esc) on your computer's keyboard to return to a normal view.

Plagiarism: How to avoid it (video)

Avoiding Plagiarism: What Do I Need to Cite? (video)

MLA Citation: How to (video)

Stop, Thief! Avoiding Plagiarism by Paraphrasing (video)

Plagiarism: A Student Created Movie (video)

How to use OSLIS for MLA formtting and how to create the Works Cited Page (video)

More Useful Links:

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