Introduction & Uses

Google Apps is suite of online cloud tools including: Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Sites and Google Talk. Google Apps accounts are used by all teachers and staff members of the Metro East Web Academy for email, document creation and sharing, calendar and appointment management, teachers' websites, and instant messaging.

All students at the Metro East Web Academy have a Google Apps account too! Students' Apps accounts currently provide students with email, docs, and calendar tools. These tools are especially valuable to students at an online school. 

Using the Google Apps tools...

 students can:
  • Compose essays and reports with all the features (formatting, spellchecking, etc) of MS Word and OpenOffice.
  • Create and use spreadsheets for projects
  • Create Powerpoint-like slide presentations
  • Create Drawings, diagrams, graphics, for projects and assignment
  • Edit documents online, anywhere, anytime (at home, at the MEWA, at the library...anywhere!)
  • Share Documents with teachers and mentors easily.
  • See teacher’s comments inside the Google Doc.
  • Collaborate with other students to create documents, presentations, drawings, and sites.
  • Paste the Document’s URL right into your OdysseyWare Assignment box.
  • Instant Message teachers and mentors.
  • Use the Calendar to better organize and schedule time.
  • Eliminate the need for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice