President Abraham Lincoln is often depicted as the quintessential political mind, the unrivaled leader, the man that saved the Union.  In 1982 a poll of 49 historians and political scholars was taken in order to rate the presidents on their various skills in five categories - the ability to lead, their accomplishments, political skills, appointments, and the quality of their character. Abraham Lincoln placed first on the list as the best president in all categories, revealing the judgment of historians, and the public, that Abraham Lincoln, "...was the nation's greatest President by every measure applied" (Miller Center).
The goal of this website is to provide students the ability to investigate Lincoln through his own writings and the writings of others to form an independent opinion about the 16th President of the United States, and decide for themselves whether Lincoln's conduct while holding office merits the title of the nation's greatest President, and creator of the blueprint for the modern presidency. 
The navigation bar on the left of this page provides access to Lincoln's writings and other supporting documentation on three major leadership skills: tactical thinking strategies; understanding the role of the executive office and proper usage of power; and presenting an image of strength to the outside world through effective engagement in foreign affairs.
Review the primary and secondary sources for yourself to make your reasoned conclusion about the importance of Abraham Lincoln to our country and to the role of the president.