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Ganapati Vedukalu - Festival Celebrations - Different Pujas and Naivedyam Recipes - Andhra Telugu Recipes

Gayatri Vantillu celebrates 5th Anniversary on Vinayak Chaturdhi

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Ganapati Poojas at Gayatri Vantillu in different years
(Scroll below to see Naivedyam Recipes after Poojas.)

2013 Puja

Gayatri Vantillu

2012 Puja

Gayatri Vantillu

2011 Pooja

Gayatri Vantillu

2009 Puja

Gayatri Vantillu


2010 Patri Pooja

Ganapati Patri Pooja - 2010

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Join me to celebrate the birthday of Lord Vinayaka
(The Birthday Boy!!)

Festival Recipes
(Click on the title of each recipe to see the Recipe Text in English)
Coconut Milk (Kobbari Paalu)

Gayatri Vantillu

Kobbari (Coconut) Paramannam (Kheer)

Gayatri Vantillu

 Undrallu (South Indian Modak)

Gayatri Vantillu

Gayatri Vantillu

Chintapandu (Tamarind) Pulihora

Gayatri Vantillu


By the Grace of Lord Ganesha, following is the progress of Gatatri Vantillu over the years

Year Years Completed
Cumulative hosted Videos
 Cumulative Views
 2008 Gayatrivantillu Started
 2009 1st Anniversary
 177  4.3 Lakh
 2010 2nd Anniversary
 246 19.2 Lakh
 2011 3rd Anniversary
 288 43.6 Lakh
 20124th Anniversary
 31090.6 Lakh
5th Anniversary
 339130.6 Lakh
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