Take Action for Clean Water - Support SB 36/HB 116

Please call House Natural Resources Committee Members today and ask them to protect Georgians' groundwater. 

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The safety of drinking water for many Georgians is at risk. Current laws and regulations do not adequately protect groundwater resources from pollution.

Please call Georgia's House Natural Resource Committee Members TODAY and ask them to protect Georgia's drinking water - pass SB 36/HB 116. The bill must pass their committee in 2016 to become law.

Talking Points:

State your name and where you live.

You are calling to ask them to support the passage of SB 36 (or its House companion bill number HB 116) - the groundwater protection bill- out of House Natural Resources Committee.SB 36 is sponsored by Sen William Ligon (R-Brunswick) and passed the Senate in 2015 with overwhelming support.  

It is up to the House Natural Resources and Environment Committee to pass the Groundwater Protection bill in 2016 for full consideration by the House Chamber.

Here's what the bill will do:
        • The Groundwater Protection Act requires the Board of Natural Resources to adopt regulations that protect and preserve groundwater.
        • The Groundwater Protection Act (SB 36/HB 116) would protect not only the safety of our drinking water, but also the property rights of Georgia well owners and property owners.

After Your Call:

        • Please fill out the form for each call that you made, and let us know the outcome of your call.
        • After you've submitted your form and your information has been processed, you will receive a link with more information on the status of the bill. 

Thanks for helping to protect the safety and health of drinking water for hundreds of thousands of Georgians.