Accelerated Reader

… All About Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is part of our reading curriculum in 2nd - 8th grade
and will be part of your child’s total reading grade.
Accelerated Reader (A.R.) is an independent reading program.  Students check out AR books that are on their individual reading levels...ones that they can read by themselves.  Every 9 weeks, each student will have a 9-week AR goal.  Goals are based on information from the results of the S.T.A.R. Test, which your child will take at the beginning of the year.  Your child has a nine-week Accelerated Reader goal. If your child meets this goal for the nine weeks, then a grade of 100 will be added in as 10% of the total reading grade. If your child only accomplishes 80% of the goal, then a grade of 80 will be added in as 10% of the total grade.
At various times during the year, the children will also be able to use points they earn from passing AR tests to buy prizes from our Accelerated Reader store or at the Book Fair.


…This year, we will have rewards at the end of EACH nine weeks for all students who have met their nine-week goals. Our personal Gatewood Library Goal is to have each child make his/her goal every nine-weeks, so everyone can be rewarded.