Net neutrality is the idea of Internet equality. We know many of you may not have heard of net neutrality but it is one of the most severe issues we face today. It may not garner the emotional response that other social injustices do, but it will affect you as well as all Internet users. Simply put, the Internet service providers or ISPs are controlling the amount of bandwidth dedicated that would allow you to get to a website you want to go to or allowing programs that use Internet access to function (downloading or uploading information).  Narrowing the bandwidth decreases the speed at which you can reach pages or use programs that download information because the amount of bandwidth you have changes the amount of information that can be transfer at a given time. So if you have more bandwidth, you would be able to transfer more information more quickly, allowing you to get what you want at a faster pace. The decreasing or narrowing of bandwidth will slow access to the Internet by transferring less information at a given time, which is exactly what the ISPs are doing or attempting to do.