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"One of the biggest injustices happening is the ongoing genocide in Tibet. Tibetans are not given the rights they deserve; they do not have freedom of speech and freedom to practice their own religion. Even though they have their own separate country, they are being ruled and tortured by a foreign power. The Chinese government in Tibet uses force and power to suppress the Tibetans who show even the slightest movement of rebellion. Many ancient and peaceful indigenous civilizations have been assaulted by military powers of the People’s Republic of China in search of land and valuable resources. Tibet, an independent nation until the Chinese invasion in 1959, is now faced with extinction, as China continues to repress, jail, and even kill Tibetans who seek" - Anonymous Tibetan-American 

 Awareness is key to make a change. The production of this website is for the purpose of raising awareness for the Tibetan victims who are in the need of our help. Be aware of what is going on in the world today and do what you can to make a change.