gang injunction is a court issued restraining order that prohibits gang members from a peaceful gathering in their communities. There are currently three filed gang injunctions in the city of San Francisco that were started 22 years ago. Many people question the true intentions behind gang injunctions and fail to understand what more is being done with this program rather than creating turmoil in our communities. Some may think it is just another way to legalize racial profiling, others believe that there are many people on the list that should be taken off but do not have the proper information to do so.
        Growing up in San Francisco, a city of 808,976 citizens, gang activity is something that happens so often that it almost seems normal, as if there was no safer way to live. The glamorization of gangster culture seems to simply add fuel to the fire, but the violence that results from gang life is not only an issue that we see in urban areas such as San Francisco, but is also something that can be seen around the world. Even the citizens of El Salvador, a small country in Central America, deal with having to raise their children amongst violent streets.
        Coming up with a system that will minimize violence
on the streets is something that has proven to be more difficult of a problem for the police officials up and down the California coast. Ridding our communities from violence, gang related or not, should clearly be one of the top priorities for our local law enforcement but what the recent gang injunctions of San Francisco seem to be doing is creating turmoil, increasing cases of police brutality and provoking many issues involving racial profiling which can be prominently seen in the locations in which these gang injunctions are formed. In San Francisco the areas that have been impacted most by the court issued Gang Injunctions have been areas of the city that are populated by minorities leading to an unfair stereotype of what a gang member is expected to wear, and the exact locations that they are expected to be seen. This issue of racial profiling has evidently lead to many innocent citizens convicted for simply fitting an unjust stereotype.