What's the Issue?

 Modern America’s society and media portrayal of a woman’s beauty consists of an important factor: body image. If a female celebrity is to gain just a few pounds, over hundreds of headlines are published on how she needs to watch her diet. Female celebrities, such as models, actresses, and dancers are some of the primary role models for younger girls. Teenage girls are

easily influenced and believe that what they see on MTV or VH1, therefore believing that television's portrayal of beauty is to be thin. Because of this push to have the perfect body rather than embrace one's unique characteristics, girls feel they have to look like thin celebrities, or Barbie, for example.

The media sets unrealistic expectations and teenage girls attempt to meet such standards through eating disorders. In reality, if Barbie were a real person, her spine would snap in half because of the extremely thin waist and large breast size. Media is everywhere, and girls and women are constantly exposed to what they feel they should look like in order to be beautiful and be accepted into society.

Dove is launching a Campaign for Real Beauty, which uses their own media against society's expectation of beauty.The following is a short film featuring a young girl being bombarded with hundreds of images of female perfection through media, drawing attention to the need for a wider definition of beauty in society.