Volunteer Board, Liaisons & Leadership Staff

Creating An Environment

Gaston Hope in Christ is a non-profit organization working to "Meet Real Needs for Real People." It is staffed by volunteers and supported by donations, so every minute, every dollar is a vital part of what we do.

But to run our flagship tutoring program, or do the other things we have planned to help our community, it also needs "environment people," those who help with organization, administration & support- creating an environment where our volunteers and clients can succeed.

Below are the two categories of "Environment" people we are ALWAYS looking for:

We need directors and community liaisons- - people who help lead our organization in a supportive role, and who create and maintain the organization and business support vital to our mission.

We also need a leadership team for our program(s). These roles are more than our regular volunteers- in task, commitment, skills and rewards. These roles are for those experienced working with students and those who may be going through an education, business or other professional preparation and need an internship or service hours.

We have descriptions for both roles on the applications. If you think one might fit you, send in an application, or contact Pastor Joe Bell (704-824-7060 or Joe@GastonHiC.org) for more information

Online Applications

You may apply online (below) or download, complete and return the paper applications at the bottom of the page.

2013-2014 HiC Leader Application (Professional, Volunteer or Intern)

2013-2014 HiC Board of Directors or Community Liaison Application

In any case, you also have to go to www.gastonschoolvolunteers.com and complete an application for a background check. Select Gardner Park as School and put "Hope in Christ" in the "special skills" area.

We provide and require a thorough training about abuse, development, academics, working with students, teachers and families, and sharing appropriately with those with different backgrounds, beliefs or practices. We also provide continuing education enrichment & experiences relevant to your role.

We will get back in touch after processing your complete application and talk about how you can help change lives!