Volunteer Application

THANK YOU for your interest in helping Gaston Hope in Christ support students!

Our volunteers are our most special link. They spend time, one-on-one and in groups with our students each day, and share not only their knowledge about school work, but their love, care and lives. our program works because of wonderful caring volunteers. You are our best resource!

We accept any student, whether they have faith or not, no matter what their family, past or lifestyle. But we ask that our tutors be people of faith, committed to freely loving those we work with. So we require a completed application, background & reference checks from our volunteers.

You can either apply online at GHiC Volunteer Application

or download the application below and either email, mail or physically turn it in.

In any case, you also have to go to www.gastonschoolvolunteers.com and complete an application for a background check. Select Gardner Park as School and put "Hope in Christ" in the "special skills" area.

We provide and require a thorough training about abuse, development, academics, working with students, teachers and families, and sharing appropriately working with students with different backgrounds, beliefs or practices.

We will get back in touch after processing your complete application and talk about how you can help change lives!