Chemistry Curriculum Documents
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 NC Science Essential Standards

 Crosswalk Document

 Unpacking Document

 Standards At-A-Glance

 Physical Science Vertical Standards

 Chemistry Assessment Examples

 2016-2017 Chemistry Curriculum At-A-Glance

 2016-2017 Chemistry Curriculum Guide 

 2016-2017 Chemistry Interactive Pacing Calendar - 1st/4th Six Weeks

 2016-2017 Chemistry Interactive Pacing Calendar - 2nd/5th Six Weeks

 2016-2017 Chemistry Interactive Pacing Calendar - 3rd / 6th Six Weeks

 2016-2017 Chemistry Essential Vocabulary 

 2016-2017 Chemistry Assessment Schedule 

 Subject Specific ResourcesSubject Specific Resources

  • Compound Interest - a website sharing explorations about everyday chemical compounds.