Each week students are required to choose a different activity from the lists below that allows them to...
  • expand their exposure to the language in context,
  • increase awareness of cultural differences and similarities, and 
  • find an application for Spanish beyond the classroom that appeals to them.
They then submit evidence of completion in the assignment dropbox on Schoology by Thursday.

Activities you can do at school in your free time:

  1.  Read a Spanish-language newspaper for 30 min. (may be online, also available at Mexican restaurants & tiendas)

  2.  Read in Spanish a familiar chapter from a book you’ve read in English

  3. Change your cell phone or mp3 player’s language to Spanish for an entire week

  4. Read the last 50 Spanish-language tweets using a Twitter hashtag (#) for a Latin-American country or city (try twubs.com, twitterfall.com).

  5. Read the last 30 Spanish-language tweets by 1 or more Spanish-speaking artists or politicians on Twitter

  6. Read an article about a famous Latino musician or politician in Spanish on Wikipedia es.wikipedia.org

  7. Compile a list of 30 words involving the profession  you hope to have, on 3x5 cards or Quizlet for your review

  8. Talk or chat (via Skype, Facebook, etc.) in Spanish with someone for 30 minutes

  9. Exchange messages with a student from another school on AmigoWeb on Edmodo (lyjh2l) at least 3 times

  10. Go to Many Books’ Spanish Ebooks section at  & browse through at least 10 books to find 2 you might like to read

  11. Create an account at lyricstraining.com and complete a beginner level activity to go along with one of the songs presented in Spanish & submit results with evidence on Schoology

  12. Complete an intermediate or advanced level activity to go along with a song on lyricstraining.com & submit results with evidence on Schoology

  13. Record yourself reading a picture book in Spanish

  14. Label 20 things in your classroom, bedroom, or other room in your house in Spanish and take a picture of your labels

  15. Create a wishlist of at least 10 items on Amazon Spain (Amazon.es)

  16. Record yourself (audio or video)
    singing a popular kids' song in Spanish from a Spanish-speaking country.
  17. Record yourself (audio or video)
    singing a song in Spanish by a popular artist or group from a Spanish-speaking country.
  18. Create a Pinterest board of at
    least 10 recipes in Spanish for 10 different dishes from a specific country or region. Be sure to include the name of the country or region in your title for the board.
  19. Create a Pinterest board of at
    least 10 recipes in Spanish for desserts from at least 3 different countries.
  20. Create a Pinterest board of at
    least 7 different recipes in Spanish using an ingredient or spice that is common in one or more Spanish-speaking countries but is not common in the United States (e.g. tamarind, jicama, hibiscus, mole, plantains, tomatillos, goat). Be sure to include the name of the ingredient/spice in your title for the board.

  21. Listen to five clips level B1 or higher on audio-lingua.eu
  22. Book a flight to a Spanish-speaking country using Delta or other airline’s Spanish-languagesite (up to the purchase of course!). Take a screenshot of the itinerary.
  23. Watch the Spanish-language trailer of a movie you’d like to see. Locate a theatre in a Spanish-speaking country that’s playing the movie. Take a screenshot of the movie schedule.
  24. Watch five videos Intermediate B or higher on http://www.laits.utexas.edu/spe/
  25. Explore the website for a theme park or regional festival in a Spanish-speaking country. Plan a schedule for spending a day there.

  26. Write and record yourself singing a song in Spanish about your Genius Hour topic.

  27. Write an acrostic poem about yourself in Spanish using your first and last name.

  28. Create a "Fakebook" profile for yourself entirely in Spanish, including at least 5 separate status updates about your activities/experiences.

  29. Choose 5 signs from letrerosestupidos.com and explain why they are "stupid."

  30. Fill out and screenshot (but don't send!) an electronic application for employment from a Spanish-speaking country.

  31. Keep an agenda in Spanish for a week online (e.g. Google Calendars) or on paper of my responsibilities for school and at home.

  32. Find a product you have used on Amazon.es and write a review of what you like and dislike about it.

  33. Find or create an article on es.wikipedia.org on a topic you understand well. Add at least one paragraph to the article, and cite a source in Spanish.

  34. Come up with at least 5 tips for using a website, app, or program, and record yourself explaining how to use it.

  35. Take 10 pictures of yourself doing typical activities throughout the day and record yourself explaining what you're doing in each picture.

To get MINIMUM CREDIT (7 out of 10 points) for each activity, you will have to complete at least these 2 sentences: 
1. Aprendí… (tell something you learned, whether it was about a certain subject or something about language learning) 

2. Quiero mejorar… 
(tell something you would like to get better at or learn more about, whether it relates to listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, or anything else related you can think of) 


Also give the DATE and/or TIME that you completed each activity, along with the ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION (as listed below). 

To get FULL CREDIT (10 out of 10 points) , you will need to add AT LEAST THREE of the following details:
  • Nombres (people or dishes mentioned in the Spanish text)

  • Títulos (songs, albums, articles, books, etc.)

  • Vínculos (URL to videos, stations, articles, etc.)

  • Temas (subjects that came up, subheadings)

  • Vocabulario (NEW words you learned/looked up—AT LEAST 5, in Spanish & English)

  • Frases (NEW multiple-word phrases you learned/ looked up—AT LEAST 3, in Spanish & English)

  • Textos completos (attached as documents, photos, or screenshots when you turn in your evidence)

REMEMBER: Opciones are a good way to create evidence for your Linguafolio. Consider where you are missing evidence, and find an opción that fits.

Activities you can do at home (not accessible at school):

  1. Listen to Spanish-language radio for 1 hour (music): Pandora or LastFM work, but they cannot be streamed at school. For talk radio, 30 minutes is sufficient.

  2. Watch television in Spanish for 30 min (try Hulu Latino if you don’t have cable)

  3. Change your Facebook language to Spanish   play on Facebook for 1 hour

  4. Read the directions of four items in your house (e.g. detergent)

  5. Watch 3 video clips on sports AND 3 video clips on current news on Univision.com

  6. Explore the Spanish-language section of a  bookstore (music, kids’ books, and/or adult books) for 30 minutes & find 2 things you would like to own

  7. Attend a Spanish group or worship service

  8. Explore iTunes Latino store & iTunes essentials for 30 minutes & find 2 albums or 5 songs in Spanish you would like to own

  9. Go to a Latino restaurant and using a camera, record the meal/food/decorations with your commentary in Spanish. BONUS: Introduce one of the staff and tell me something about him/her that you learned in Spanish.

  10. Watch 5 Spanish language commercials on YouTube

  11. Have a 10-minute conversation with Siri in Spanish. What was her funniest answer?

  12. Make a recipe from MiCocinaLatina.com or any other Spanish recipe site (Univisión has a good section)

  13. Using post-it notes, post-it 10 items in your house that you don’t know the word for and leave it there for a week, then report to me from memory what all the items were

  14. On mememartes.tumblr.com, read the last 15 (or  however many there are) memes.  Choose your favorite and answer the questions with it

  15. Find a Spanish-language blogger to follow and read the 3 most recent posts

  16. Download Spotify to your  omputer and open up the Top Lists app. Then change the area for Tracks and Albums from "Everywhere" to "Spain." Create a playlist with at least 10 songs that you enjoy and link it on Schoology
  17. Create a playlist of at least 10 songs
    in Spanish on Spotify or YouTube that center around the same theme (e.g. breakups, inspirational, community, justice). Be sure to title your playlist with the theme you aim to express. You may choose to download from Amazon or iTunes as well,  if you want to own the songs.
  18. Create a playlist of at least 10 songs
    in Spanish by 10 different artists on Spotify or YouTube that represent one country or region (e.g. Caribbean,  Central America, South America). Be sure to title your playlist with the name of the country or region you're representing. You may choose to download from Amazon or iTunes as well,  if you want to own the songs.
  19. Create a playlist of at least 10 songs
    in Spanish on Spotify or YouTube to serve as a soundtrack for key scenes from a popular movie. Be sure to title your playlist with the name of the movie and put the songs in the order of the scenes you want them to align with.
  20. Find 5 different snacks, candies, or drinks from the Hispanic Foods section at the grocery store or from a Hispanic market. Read the packages, maybe taste them (AFTER purchase), and compare their flavors and ingredients to snacks that are more common in the United States.
  21. Try a dish at a Latino restaurant that you have never tried before and learn how to say the ingredients in Spanish.
  22. Make a dish from a cooking video in Spanish from YouTube (here's a playlist where you can start).
  23. Tutor a lower-level Spanish student for 20 minutes.
  24. Call the feedback number on a product for Spanish speakers and give them your opinion about the product.
  25. Go shopping at a Latin grocery and complete your purchase in Spanish, and give a short video tour in Spanish.
  26.  Go to a Mexican (or Cuban, etc.) restaurant, complete your order in Spanish, and give a short video tour in Spanish.
  27. Play 1 Ruzzle game in Spanish and interact with the opponent with 10 total exchanges.
  28. Go to a Latino business (store, restaurant, salon, etc.) and introduce yourself to at least 3 different people who are fluent in Spanish. Find out their names, where they're from, and what they do for a living. Ask their permission if you plan to record.
  29. Play 5 levels of “Fotos y palabras” from iTunes.

  30. Search for a "cuento infantil" on YouTube and listen to the whole video to summarize what happens.

  31. Record yourself making your favorite recipe with at least 5 steps, and explain each step in Spanish.

  32. Call a local Latino business and get directions for how to get there from the school.