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Welcome future health care workers of the world!

I am thrilled you decided to join me today!

Gloria Caldwell RN-C,BSN,MS, ACSM-Exercise Specialist

contact me at gccaldwell@gaston.k12.nc.us

Dr. Summer Caldwell, General Dentistry

My Daughter!

If you are interested in a career in the health care field such as Nursing, Physician, Dentist, Physical Therapist, Medical Research,Veterinarian, or any related field, this is the educational pathway for YOU!

Health care workers will always be able to find a job. This career is so rewarding. Are you the compassionate, caring type? Do you enjoy studying about the human body and its many systems? Would you like to know the physiology of many diseases and illnesses and how to treat them? Would you like hands on experience working with patients and a chance to earn your CNA? If this intrigues you, then perhaps you should consider many of the courses that I teach.

Students and Parents I try to post handouts, notes, drawings,websites,and practice test on my web page. This information is posted for students use in their respective classes as listed in the left column. I try to update it every few weeks according to the classes in progress. This is a huge benefit to students because they can access this site 24/7 for any notes, updates, handouts, up and coming test dates,etc. This will help them to succeed in their course work for allied health courses. Students please fill free to print copies of this information for your studying pleasure!