Easy Access and Handicap Accessible Bathroom Conversions

Let's face it: our population is graying mainly due to the Baby Boom generation now becoming seniors.   "Easy Access" bathrooms (not necessarily ADA handicap) are now popular, safer, and even very marketable.  Specializing in "Easy Access" or ADA /Wheelchair Access, Gary Groce Builders offers Walk-In Safety Tubs with a Door, Tub-to-Shower Conversions, widening doorways, anti-slip flooring, and grab bars just to mention a few options.

45% of all household accidents resulting in serious injury take place in the bathroom. Seniors and those with special needs are at the most risk.

Gary Groce Builders specializes in remodeling bathrooms to ADA specifications for easy access. Whether you or a member of your family is having difficulty using a standard bathtub due to an injury, disability, aging or any other reason, a bathroom conversion may be the answer for you.

Increase safety by replacing your tub with a walk-in safety tub with a door or converting your tub into a walk-in sit-down shower. My process (custom acrylic systems) is quicker and much less costly than traditional remodeling. Your tub is removed and your new safety tub is installed exactly where the old tub was -- usually in two days. Whirlpool sit-down safety tubs with a door are also available.

Your new bathroom provides peace of mind, allowing you and those you love to maintain independence while increasing their safety.

Gary Groce Builders offers custom bathroom remodeling solutions for all your needs. From complete bathroom remodeling projects to simple tub-to-shower conversions, I will make you proud of your new bathroom.

Make life easier for you and your loved ones by calling Gary Groce today at 214-202-5104. 

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