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1983 Toyota Differential

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Toyota differential - 1983 4x4 pickup.

The drain plug.

Original Koyo wheel bearing. At 511k miles it still spins smooth but has a lot of slop.

Pink pinion paint indicating factory 4.10 gear set. Pinion nut was disturbed ~20k miles ago to replace damaged flange.

3rd memebr out, problem found.

Ring gear banged up but intact.

Spider gears are Ok.

Original locking tabs.

This was the only marking on the gear.

Another shot of busted pinion.

Broken in more than one place.

This tooth is about to go as well.

Backlash on the good teeth is .007", still in spec.

Backlash check on another spot shows loose, but there are so few good pinion teeth left it's hard to tell.

Carrier bearings have no prealod, in fact it is possible to pry the differential sideways about 0.005".

Checking backlash again. This spot reads 0.007"

Pattern check on the few remaining good teeth looks nice to my untrained eye. Please forgive the wrong paint.

Ring side carrier bearing race. Not as bad as expected; pretty good for the age and miles.

Pinion side carrier bearing race.

Nachi brand carrier bearings.

Pinion bearings turn smoothly, still have some preload.