GMG School Foundation

GMG Foundation was started with a goal of gathering funds for scholarships and projects for the GMG Community School District.  The foundation gives on average 75 different scholarships valued around $65,000 each year to seniors planning on continuing their education.  A twelve member committee is in charge of management of the funds and projects.

Mission Statement:

The GMG Community School District Foundation is an independent non-profit organization that provides educational
 opportunities for students by building and distributing funds to further educational excellence.

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GMG Foundation Committee 

          2018-2019 Officers
Chair:  Mr. Bill Backoff
Vice Chair :  Mr. Ron Koster
Vice Chair:  Mr. Lenny Edens
Secretary: Mrs. Deb Cornwell
Treasurer: Mrs. Andrea Duncan
Trustee:  Mrs. Diana Thorn
Trustee:  Mr. Nathan Kleinmeyer
Trustee:  Jamie Gargas
Trustee:  Mr. Mark Polich
Trustee:  Mrs. Darlene Koster
Member:  Mrs. Chanda Bovenmyer
Member:  Mrs. Melisa Dieleman
Member:  Mrs. Angela Radcliffe
Member:  Mrs. Jill Roberts

Admin:  Mr. Nathan Klienmeyer
High School:  Mr. Jamie Gargas
Elementary:  Mrs. Darlene Koster

Foundation Minutes & Activities 

GMG Foundation Scholarships
 for 2016 

Robert & JoAnn Jensen Scholarships
Beane Scholarship
Richard & Betty Hessenius Education Scholarship
Ralph & Jennie Turbett Memorial Scholarships
Lee Kienzle Memorial Scholarships
Lincoln Savings Bank Scholarships
Great Western Bank Scholarships
The Dr. Dennis Drager Science Scholarship
GMGPA Academic Scholarships
GMG Vocational Scholarships
Garwin Lion's Club Scholarship
Garwin Alumni Scholarship
Merle Parks Memorial Scholarship
Grundy Co. REC Scholarship
R & H Langenbau Scholarship
Garwin Courts Scholarships
Floyd Cutler Jr. Memorial Scholarship
GMG Elementary Scholarship
Leon Stamp Memorial Scholarship
Borota Career Scholarship
GMG Staff Scholarships
GMG Foundation Scholarships
Herman Lucht Memorial Scholarship
Heart of Iowa Scholarships

GMG Foundation Clubs
 for 2016

GMG Wolverine Club
(Gift of $1000+)

Robert & JoAnn Jensen
Al Schaper Family
Brian Hurlbut/Whippoorwill-Carlton #7 Endowed Scholarship
Merle Parks Memorial
Greg Cooling
Lee Kienzle Memorial
Richard & Betty Hessenius Memorial
Harvin Langenbau
Susan Walker Van Dee
Ethel Lucht
GMG Parents Assn.
High School Staff
Garwin Courts

 GMG Pride Club
(Gift of $500 to $999)

Garwin Revitalization Comm.
Great Western Bank
Dennis Drager
Floyd & Myrene Appelgate
Kent Borota
Michael & Linda Pierson
Mark & Deb Polich

GMG Black & Silver Club
(Gift of $100 to $499)

Jon & Julie Stahl
Mark & Andrea Samek
Keith & Anne Barloon
Ben & Sherry Petty
Allen & Dee Burt
Grant & Susie Strohbehn
Ronald Koster
Gary & Denise Lynk
Sonny & Cindy Culter
Kathryn Burt

Garwin Alumni
GMG Elementary Staff
GMG Student Council
Marvin Sells Memorial
Garwin Lion's Club
Ambrose & Debra Lang
Mary Lamothe & Steve Hass Family
Bill & Tammy Backoff
Andrew Michels
In Memory of Patricia Innes McCabe- Class of 1949
In Memory of Patricia Innes McCabe- Richard & Laura Havran

Friends of GMG Club

(Gift of $10 to $99)

Robert & Judy Michels
Rita Frederick & Joel Beane, D.C.
Martha Gamble
JD & LeAnn Falk
Garwin Class of 1966
Deb & Steve Stahl

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