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Dear Parents,


     Escalante Elementary is excited to announce the starting of a preschool class! Students will begin school on November 1st.


Who: Children who have turned three or four September 1st of the current school

When: The class will be in session Monday- Thursday from 8am-11am

      Cost: Tuition is $65 a month. Tuition waivers are available based on income


     Space is limited so if you are interested in having your child attend please call Jody Brooks at the school at 435-826-4247 to verify classroom availability.


      A parent meeting will be held on Thursday, September 26th at 11:00-12:00 pm and 5:00-6:00 pm.

      Please attend the time that best accommodates your schedule. Please bring your preschool child with you and if at all possible leave any other children at home. As part of the preschool program parents will participate in volunteering in the classroom (8-11am). Parents will be asked to assist in the classroom two times during each month. Tuition reimbursement will be provided for parents who meet this requirement.  Also, parents are encouraged to provide the classroom with snack donations. A sign up for volunteer time and snack will be posted during the parent meeting. Please schedule the time that works best for you to attend. Remember that other children need to be left at home in order to provide the best experience for the preschool children.


Preschool Lead Team:

Preschool Teacher

My name is Tayler Hinton, I am excited to be the preschool teacher here at Escalante Elementary. I am originally from Orderville,Utah and have recently relocated to Escalante with my husband and two children. My husband has lived here part-time and works for the forest serves as a wildland firefighter.  In my spare time I like to go out hiking, fishing and hunting with my boys. I have volunteered in Kane County School District for several years and was hired as an employee two years ago.  I am excited for this opportunity to teach your children and create partnerships with each child's family.

Speech Language Pathologist

I am Heather Logan Weiler, the district wide speech language pathologist serving all 4 of our preschool locations. I am thrilled to be able to have this program in our district and to be not only on the Leadership team, but to also work directly with Escalante to provide language services for preschool. The approach follows best practice, thus I work within the classroom as well as individually during the "centers and small group" times. I will be in the preschool classroom on Mondays. My role is to oversee the program and help Taylor and any related service providers to work with the parents and community to serve these students.

Last year I joined the district and am starting my second year. My background began with preschool in Boston and continued as I was a speech language pathologist in Jordan and Canyon School Districts as well as  Director of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of Utah Medical Center which served Newborn ICU and pediatric outpatients.

I have even made the move to Escalante this month! I have 2 grown children and when I am not working, I like to hike, read, cook, and recently began writing again. My summers are spent on the Maine Coast where I garden, and enjoy life with family and friends.

I am very pleased our special education director has taken the time and effort to assure we have a great program with supplies and the coaching to support this first year. I look forward to visiting with you at first parent meetings.