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Welcome to the West Georgia RESA Building a Culture of Writing site designed to house resources and follow-up activities to accompany the Georgia Department of Education's 2016 "Building a Culture of Writing" Webinar series.  For questions, please contact Dr. Barbara Bishop, bbishop@garesa.org

June 25, 2018 WGRESA PL session

Elementary K-5  Grades 6-12 

First Webinar:

K-5 September 20th
6-12 September 22nd

Essential Components of Teaching Writing PPT, Recording, and PL Guide

Scholarly books referenced in this webinar.

Two Writing Teachers Website

Mentor Texts

WGRESA Follow-up materials

Component Cards (key ideas from this webinar)

Discussion Organizer 4'As
Topics for mini-lessons
Mini-lessons resource

What about exemplar papers?
Lucy Calkins' Writing Pathways 

Corestandards.org  ELA Appendix C

What about choosing what students read (as a way to explore the work of authors)? 
GDOE Guidance document for developing reading lists K-12

*Assessing Writing Webinar Recording
* Introductions over at 5:40

Directly to Webinar 1 PPT

Twitter feed responses #cultureofwriting

Goldberg article that was referenced in the webinar

Achievement level descriptors

Further explanation of the Strategy: Claim, Support, Question strategy

the Taylor Swift text referenced as a source for helping students practice constructed response

activity - looking at two argumentative responses

activity - looking at narrative response

strategy - lift a line

WGRESA Follow-up materials

finding exemplar papers?
Lucy Calkins' Writing Pathways 
Corestandards.org  ELA Appendix C

Self-Study Resource for Understanding Rubrics

a 4th rubric to take a look at (Literacy Design Collaborative set)

EOG ELA Milestones Resource Guide 6-8
EOC 9th Grade and Am Lit. Milestones Resource Guide

Second Webinar
October 18th for K-5
October 20th for 6-12

GDOE Webinar 2 Recording

PPT from Webinar 2 - Assessing Writing

Discussion Organizer 4 A's

Video - Conferencing in the Primary Grades

Conferring with Student Writers Resource

Follow-up PPT

Being a Writer/ Collaborative Classroom Sample Lessons Grade 5  Grade 4 
Grade 3 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade K

Writing Conference Form 1
Writing Conference Form 2
Writing Conference Form 3

Writing Conferences Resource

Self-Study Resource for Understanding Rubrics

GDOE Webinar 2 video 

GDOE Webinar 2 PPT only

***WGRESA Follow-up Resources
Component cards

Document-Based Questioning Project dbqproject.com

End of Grade Writing and Scoring Samplers

End of Course Writing and Scoring Samplers

Third Webinar
November 15th for K-5
November 17th for 6-12

 GDOE Webinar 3 Link to Recording
****at 1:35 they start introducing themselves at 3:13 they begin with content.  at 01:11:00 they stop that content and spend the remaining few minutes on UDL (Universal Design for Learning)

GDOE Webinar 3 PPT only

Link to the article they suggested:
Dead or Alive: How will your students' non-fiction writing arrive?

WGRESA Follow-up materials

Book Tasting blog with PPT
Book Adventure website
Online timer with music
Online book - A Place for Wonder
Found Poem Examples
Found Poem PPT
Todaysmeet and Answer garden
Questions for Picture-based writings
Visual Writing Prompts
NY Times - What's Going on in this Picture?
Watermelon vs. Seed strategy
Graffiti Tables examples
Steve Jenkins, author
Informational text options by grade
Mixing informational and literary
Pancakes for Breakfast - example/no words
comics/dialogue example
Genres list
Speech Tool
Natural Readers
Select and Speak add-on in Chrome

GDOE Webinar 3 Link to Recording

GDOE Webinar 3 PPT only

Shrek Video on ViewPure

Multiple Genres
Mentor Texts
Collaborative Writing
Annotated Bibliography for this webinar

Write Like This (2011)
Book Study Info for Write Like This
Read/Write/Think's Shrek Lesson

Track your Writing Chart

Real World Writing Purposes

One Topic = 18 Topics

Writing and Reading in Pop Culture

Book of Bad Arguments

Sophie Novak's Blog

Intertextuality - analyzing, synthesizing, and "remixing" two or more texts in order to create an original product

Julia Kristeva coined the term "intertextuality" in 1966, explaining that there are two relationships going on whenever we read a text: there's the relationship between us and the author (the horizontal axis) and between the text and other texts (the vertical axis).

lesson for intertextuality
"Easter eggs" in video games
 Fourth Webinar
January 24th for K-5 
January 26th for 6-12
 Link to Recording and PPT

Direct link to the PDF only

Let's Review! Game for Strategies mentioned in webinars 1, 2, and 3

Notes for the "big ideas"

8 Word cloud generators for teachers
 Link to Recording

Key Ideas Chart

GDOE PPT from the session

Buck Institute

Pop Sonnets

Continued Collaboration Link 
Fifth Webinar
February 2/21for K-5
February 2/23 for 6-12
Link to the Recording and PPT

WGRESA Close Reading Resources page
ASCD article "Closing in on Close Reading"
Achieve the Core's Close Reading Resources

Disciplinary Literacy
Sixth Webinar
March 14th for K-5
March 16th for 6-12
Link to the Recording and PPT
Get Epic Children's Library 
Video showing GPB Discovery Education resources and access (password gpb)
WGRESA Tech Tools website

Digital Literacies webinar  

Seventh Webinar        K-5 Visual Literacy Webinar Resources                                      6-12 Visual Literacy Webinar
Video Released             Visual Literacy Pop-up resources
April 17, 2017                Art Access 
    `                                Library of Congress Collections
                                    Time Life Images
                                   Creekside Visual Literacy Wisdom