Welcome to my new website!  I am new to the world of Googlesites, so your patience will be greatly appreciated.  I hope this site will provide students and parents opportunities to access my lesson plans and some handouts I give to students in class.  This will not only help students access homework assignments for when they have missed school, but also for when they plan to miss school.  For students, anticipating and making up assignments should be easier due to this website.  Also, for parents, helping their child understand and complete his homework assignments should be easier with the help of this website.  

I realize the benefits of on-line communication with students and parents; however, I also recognize the value of face-to-face communication with both students and parents.  So, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me at school: 406-848-7563. My prep period is from 11:00-11:40, so calling during that window will increase the odds of actually reaching me, rather than my voice mail.  

Disclaimer:  Lesson plans provided for each class are subject to change at a moment's notice.  Learning is messy and rarely occurs within a rigid time frame.  The lessons I post are based on my very idealistic and highly unlikely scenario: If everyone gets it, no last minute assemblies or fire drills are called, everyone does their assignment, and nothing ate their homework, etc.