Welcome to the Natural Science Classroom!

Who Are We?

The Natural Science Classroom is a part of the education department at the Gardens at Heather Farm. The Gardens at Heather Farm is an independent non-profit operating a free public garden, education center, and special event center located in Walnut Creek, CA. 

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What Classes Are Offered Through the NSC?

Offered at the Gardens

Sensory Garden (K-3)
Wet & Wild: Exploring Creeks & Ponds (1-5)*
Colonial Gardens (3-5)

At the Gardens or In Your Classroom

Nature Detectives (K-5)*
Native Plants, Native People (3-5)*
The Power of Pollinators (K-5)
Geology Rocks (1-3)*
Do the Rot Thing: Soils and Composting (K-5)
Wonderful Worms (K-5)
Seed Secrets (K-2)
Seed Secrets Series (K-2)

 Please visit our webpage for more information and class registration- www.gardenshf.org 
*Indicates classes offered at No Cost thanks to our partnership with Tesoro!

Teacher Resources

Natural Science Classroom (NSC) lessons are aligned with state standards and integrate with curriculum taught in your classrooms. Resources available on this site are an extension of NSC lessons, giving you guidance to inspire more science in your classroom.

 Our hope is that teachers will not only learn through us, but inspire colleagues to bring science into their classrooms as well.

What Do We Do?

The Natural Science Classroom offers interactive, organized, group classes to students in grades K - 5. Our interactive lessons with custom curriculum designed by the Gardens' education team, immerse students into the world of science and connects to what they're learning in their classrooms. Classes can be offered in your classroom or as a field trip to The Gardens at Heather Farm.

Andeavor Partnership

Four of our NSC classes are now offered at NO COST to schools within both Mt. Diablo and Martinez Unified School District. These classes include: Wet & Wild (only at GHF), Nature Detectives, Native Plants-Native People, and Geology Rocks. We are thankful for this partnership with Andeavor and happy to be able to make these science classes more accessible to schools in the area.

* If requesting an NSC sponsored by Andeavor, please be sure to indicate so by entering "ANDEAVOR" in the comments section on your request form.

Contact Us

Phone: (925) 947-6712

Email: education@gardenshf.org

Website: https://gardenshf.org/youth-programs/

Visit us: 1540 Marchbanks Drive

Walnut Creek, CA 94598