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Malvern Group

Tuesday Group 


Group bunting project for Hilly's wedding

April's picture that she sponge painted, cut out and glued

April and Jamie


David with his green man sculpture (who we call Poseidon)

Ros Bowker, SpongeBob in clay     Ros' card                                          Ros' painting

Making books                                                                                                                                                                                       

Cat made by Ted Watkins and Panther made by Mark Gormley

Ruby Walker made this Twiddle Muff for people with dementia at 
a coffee and chat group.

Winnie the Pooh stitched by Ruby Walker

First painting being hung in our new art room by Rachel Barrett 

Nick Wright

Ruby Walker

In memory of Ray Smith
Ray with Lord Lieutenant            Ray with his friend Ted Watkins                       Artwork by Ray Smith

Eastnor Castle by Rachel Barrett                                                                                Harvesting                                                                           Concorde                                       Clock Tower, North Malvern

Bosbury Church by Rachel Barrett (sold)

Lucky mascot (therapy dog) Holly

Mark Gormley

Abigail Revill


Ted Watkins
Starry Night

                                                                                                                          Ruby Walker and David Hope