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The Garage Art Group

1991          Opened in private garage in Evesham (hence name) by Brenda Staines and Jan Evans.                 
                  5 students and 2 volunteers.
1993          8 students.

1994          Classes 2 days a week.

1995          A committee was elected and our first AGM was held.

1996          Moved from Garage to rented venue in Evesham.            

                  Visits to galleries in London and Paris. Exhibition in Merstow Green Health Centre.

1997          Developed links with schools and health centres.

1998          Exhibition at Oat Street. Workshop at Eastbourne.


1999          Opened charity shop and art studio in Crown Court Yard, Evesham.

2000          Charity shop changed to sell art materials as more appropriate for us.

2001          Tutor, Pam White, joined the group in collaboration with Evesham College and Jan Hall.
                  Introduced students with recovering mental health problems.

                  30 students, classes four days a week.

                  Professional artists for workshops providing ideas and variety for students.

                  Celebrated 10 years with exhibition.

2003          Receiving students from Evesham College and Waterside Hospital.

2004          Sideways move to take over larger room, closed shop.

                  Extensive renovations, closed for 4 months.

2005          Two studios, 11 classes a week, successful summer exhibition.

2006          Start annual August, bank holiday exhibition.

2007          Sculpture classes. 

2008          Started group in Malvern.

                  Life drawing classes.

2009          Sadly lost our dear Chairperson Jan Hall.

2010          Pam White elected as Executive Chairperson.

                  Waterside rotating permanent exhibition.
                  Creative writing classes.

2011          To celebrate 20th Anniversary created a film about Garage Art Group with the support of Wychavon Council.

                  70 students, 3 tutors and 10 volunteers. 

2012          Created our own website.

                  Rotating Exhibition at Amber Café who adopted us as their named charity.

                  Had our own Christmas cards printed.

                  Involved in successful community project for local police.

                  Community project Malvern.

2013          Started Garage Art Group choir and a sewing group.

                  In association with Wychavon Council held a Creative Writing group and Droitwich art and craft group.

                  Brunch Club started for people feeling lonely.

                  Made Xmas decorations for Worcester Cathedral and decorated the tree.

                  Uploaded student work to Outside In website.

                  Work included in video touring Outside In Exhibition.

                  GAG Calendars printed for sale.

                  Evesham Arts Centre, Prospect, ImaGine and Waterside exhibitions.

                  August exhibition at GAG.

                  Emporium exhibited paintings.                 

2014          Fundraising at Badsey Flower Show.

                  Two huge advertising flags for Gheluvelt Park.

                  Exhibitions at Showell Gallery, Pershore and ImaGine, Evesham.

                  Ongoing Waterside exhibition.

                  GAG Calendars printed for sale.

                  Completed 4 large mosaics at Cube representing Malvern.

                  Decorated 7ft flags for Gullovert Park, Worcester.

                  Some students involved with large roof mosaics at St Johns high rise flats.

                  Won Christmas tree competition in association with Onside at Worcester Cathedral.

                  Made large flowers for Onside

                  Artwork for firework night at Beacon House

                  Artwork for travelling Cube 'Living Forest' exhibition

2015          Kathryn Wickson and Peter Merris workshops

                  Started a Worcester art and craft group

                  Created Twitter and Facebook page

                  Artwork in Bell Tower exhibition, Evesham Arts centre.

                  Ongoing Waterside Day Hospital exhibition

                  Fundraising skittles evening

                  Fundraising at Badsey Flower Show

                  Visit from Nigel Huddleston MP

                  Visit from Sarah Dugan, Chief Executive of Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

                  Garage Art Group Christmas Fayre

                  Christmas party in the Evesham studio, social event

                  Christmas meal, social event

2016          Stand at Community Catalysts Event

                  Chris' sponsored fundraising walk

                  Ongoing Waterside Day Hospital exhibition

                  Sondra Halliday Collage Workshops

                  Wychavon Community Awards, Pam White shortlisted for 'Enabling Healthy Lives Award'

                  Fundraising Skittles night

                  Fundraising Quiz night

                  County Hall, Worcester exhibition

                  Fundraising at Badsey Flower Show

                  Fundraising at Ragley Hall Stall

                  Evesham Carnival Walking Float and Fundraising Stall

                  Vale magazine editorial

                  25th Anniversary Celebration  

                  Art In Action trip, Malvern Hills walk and River Avon boat trip and picnic

                  Fundraising Hampton Ferry Fayre Stall    

                  Joy Haywood watercolour workshop

                  Stand at Wychavon Ageing Well 55+ event, Evesham Town Hall

                  Invited to run an NHS Christmas card competition

                  New 'Social Art Group' Saturday sessions  

                  Worcester Guildhall Christmas Craft Fayre

                  Christmas party in the Evesham studio, social event

                  Christmas meal, social event

2017          Exhibition at Worcester Cathedral

                  Vale of Evesham School stand at Life After School event

                  Fundraising Skittles Evening

                  New art group for those affected by sight loss in collaboration with Sight Concern

                  Stand at Worcestershire NHS Well Being Hub's exhibition and local community event at Worcester Guild Hall

                  Ongoing Waterside exhibition

                  Participated in Moving In Moving On Installation shown at Evesham Library

                  Summer Fayre

                  Malvern Group boat trip and afternoon tea

                  Evesham Group picnic and boat trip

                  Badsey Flower Show fundraising stall

                  Hampton Ferry Show fundraising stall 

                  Twyford Co-op information display

                  Tesco information display and collection

                  Birthday celebration meal for Pam, Belinda and Sue, social event 

                  Stand at Wychavon Ageing Well 55+ event, Evesham Town Hall

                  Malvern Soup

                  Exhibition at Showell Gallery, Wychavon Civic Centre Pershore

                  Fundraising Skittles Evening

                  Christmas party in the Evesham studio, social event

                  Christmas meal, social event