Practice Your Navigation Skills for the PARCC

Click on each of the links below to test your skills. How well can you use the Chromebook navigation? Are you ready for the PARCC?
 Test your skills!

Task 1: What can the Squirrel do for You?
  • Move your cursor using the Chromebook Touchpad
  • Clicking 
  • Two finger clicking (i.e. right click)
  • Double clicking
  • Scrolling with two fingers
  • Two finger drag & drop
  • Text selection

Task 2: Can You Get the Squirrel to Appear?

  • Radio buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Drop-down lists

Task 3: Using a Protractor  

Task 4: Using a Ruler Online

Task 5: Using a Calculator

Task 6: Using a Text Editor 

  • You don't have to write about Amelia Erhart. You may write about anything. Just be sure to practice selecting the text, playing with the font size, type, and color, spacing on the page, etc.
Task 7:  
Practice your Drag & Drop Skills with a 
Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection

Task 8: Using video controls: Learn a Little More About the Owl: Watch this video
  • Use the video player slider to go to 1:05 on the video to answer the question: Which is the "leanest season of selection" for a barn owl?