Welcome to a collection of resources to help you complete effective research as a student in a digital world. These resources will provide guidance on the essential steps in completing a research project, from finding information to guidelines on how to use others people's work ethically.

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What is the Research Process? 

What is the process I need to go through? What are the steps that are involved?

Humanities Research Process

Formulate Questions & Develop a Plan

What do I want to know and how am I going to find out?

  • I can write a focused, relevant question that will guide my inquiry.

  • I can develop a plan that will guide me through the inquiry process that includes time management.

Gather and Organise

Where do I find the evidence and information I need to answer my question and how will I organise it effectively?

  • I can gather relevant evidence and information that support my question.

  • I can gather evidence and information from different points of view.

  • I can organise the evidence and information in my own words and in a format that makes sense to me.

Interpret and Analyse

How will I know if my evidence is going to be useful in answering my question?

  • I can analyse the content and reliability of my chosen sources.

  • I can account for perspective within the sources.

  • I can determine if all points of view have been represented in my sources and find out more if needed.

Evaluate and Draw Conclusions

What can I learn 

from the evidence and how does it support my conclusions?

  • I can evaluate the evidence and information to develop conclusions.


How can I best present my conclusions?

  • I can communicate my conclusions and cite the sources I have used.