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The conference is now over. A great big thanks goes everyone who attended for making TechLIFE 2013 a great success! Kindly leave your comments and feedback about the conference here or contact us personally at techlife@uwcsea.edu.sg . For more information about the upcoming TechLIFE 2.0 conference, please click here.

TechLIFE 2013 is a 24 hour technology conference put together by students for students who are passionate about technology and would like to learn more about it. The conference will run from 6pm on Friday, 8 March to 6pm on Saturday, 9 March. Students at TechLIFE 2013 will run workshops about which they are passionate and attend workshops put on by other schools to learn more about different aspects of technology. Google, Apple and many leading local technology companies will be there to inspire the next generation of tech leaders. 

Participants at TechLIFE will attend a plenary session by Google, take part in a fun geocaching activity, give and attend student-led workshops, go on a field trip, attend guru workshops, have a pizza party AND have the opportunity to ask Steve Wozniak a question when he video conferences in!

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In case the 24 hour concept is putting you off, don't worry. We will have chill out zones with comfy armchairs, sofas and beanbags as well as designated slumber rooms for males, females and teachers so bring your sleeping bag and a pillow to catch 40 winks to help you get through the conference!

Updates From the Planning Committee


posted 25 Sep 2012, 01:10 by Victoria Ivory BIRRELL   [ updated 3 Dec 2012, 19:40 by carolineuwc@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg ]

The TechLIFE committee have recruited some inspiring individuals. If you would like to find our more about them please check our our "Organizing Committee" page. We are now in the process of finding passionate gurus, who will be interested in offering workshops. We are also finalizing our sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring the TechLIFE 2013 conference, please email us at techlife@uwcsea.edu.sg.

Initial Registration Opening Soon

posted 19 Sep 2012, 00:36 by Tech Life UWCSEA East

We are going to be opening the initial registration for coaches to fill out to express their interest to attend TechLIFE. The exact date of the opening of our registration will be posted soon, so check back soon!


posted 4 Jun 2012, 01:11 by Tech Life UWCSEA East   [ updated 3 Dec 2012, 19:44 by carolineuwc@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg ]

We are delighted to announce that the TechLIFE 2013 conference is coming together nicely and we hope you will be able to join us on the 8th and 9th March 2013 for 24 hours of tech fun and learning. We are in the middle of finalizing our guest gurus to give the students attending TechLIFE more insight into technology and be inspired. Last but not least we are locating sponsors so that we can keep the cost of TechLIFE 2013 down so that as many students as possible will be able to attend!

Below are members of the planning committee at UWCSEA hard at work (not watching YouTube clips...promise!)

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