Visual literacy involves developing the set of skills needed to be able to interpret the content of visual images, examine social impact of those images and to discuss purpose, audience and ownership.

It includes the ability to visualise internally, communicate visually and read and interpret visual images. In addition, students need to be aware of the manipulative uses and ideological implications of images. Visual literacy also involves making judgements of the accuracy, validity and worth of images. 

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To be an effective communic
ator in today’s world, a person needs to be able to interpret, create and select images to convey a range of meanings.

A visually literate person is able to discriminate and make sense of visual objects and images; create visuals; comprehend and appreciate the visuals created by others; and visualise objects in their mind’s eye.

Visual Literacy

-Intro What is Visual Literacy (general concepts)

-Quick Lessons on design principles.  C.R.A.P.  

-Getting to know your digital tools

-Experiment, Create, Share Project TBD

Workshop Files