Who are Tech Mentors?

A group of lead teachers who are recognised for their knowledge and skills in using technology to enhance teaching and learning in their area. They have further demonstrated their willingness to share this expertise with their peers. They act as peer support within particular areas to extend and enhance the work of the digital literacy team to develop the transformational use of technology for teaching and learning within UWCSEA.

Key skills of tech mentors:
  • An education leader within an area of the school in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning
  • Willing and able to support their peers in developing their practice
  • Individuals who keep abreast of new approaches and integrate these into day to day practice. 
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills
Tech Mentors - Class of 2012

First NameLast NameStaff CodeCampus / School DivisionDepartment / Grade / Area of Specialisation
1StuartMcAlpineSMMDover / SecondaryEnglish (HoD)
2WendyLiaoWLiEast / Whole SchoolChinese / Languages
3NickiHambletonNiHDover / Whole SchoolArt
4NoraDonohueNDoEast / PrimaryInfant (K2)
5AnnabelHowardAnHEast / PrimaryGr3
6JamesToneyJToEast / PrimaryGr5
7MartinLyonsMLyDover / SecondaryScience / Bio / HOG
8DebraMcWhirterDMcDover / SecondaryHums / Geog
9LizziWilliamsElWDover / SecondaryEnglish (MS HoS)
10VickyBermanVBeDover / SecondarySpanish (HoS)
11MilesBeasleyMiBEast / SecondaryEng / Hum
12AlisonForrowAFoDover / PrimaryGrade 4
13AngelaTurnerATuDover / PrimaryGrade 3
14EmmaCrombieECrDover / PrimaryGrade 2
15MelindaYeendMYeDover / PrimaryGrade 1
16ZoeBrittainZBrDover / PrimaryK 2
17TedCowanTCoEast / SecondaryMath
18DanielGaudetDGaDover / SecondaryMaths (IT Spec)
19SteveHickeySHiEast / SecondaryArt (HoD)
20MilesTranterMTiDover / SecondaryMusic
21DaveCalebDaCEast / PrimaryGrade 4 / Photography
22XuemeiLiaoXMLDover / SecondaryAsian Languages
23EmmaCampbellECaDover / SecondaryScience
24NicDawlingNDaDover / WholePE (HOD)                     
25Jonathan    HughesJHuEast / Secondary  Music (HOD)