Eliciting Evidence with iPad Screencasts

Screencasting iPads apps such as Explain Everything or Doodle Cast Pro are potentially powerful tools to help students demonstrate their understanding through a combination of annotations and voice comments. It is also a creative alternative to written tasks to showcase learning.

The key to using screencasting, or a 'learning talk' is to find opportunities where an in-depth explanation by students would highlight a process such as solving a formula or explaining a concept. 

Once students verbalise an explanation a teacher will gain a glimpse into their thoughts and then be able to highlight misconceptions or issues. 

These Apps are also a powerful aide to teachers, as multimodal notes, Educreations is particularly useful for teachers to use to capture their conversations, 'teaching talks', when conferencing with students.

How do ScreenCasting Apps work?

  1. Download an app from the App Store (Explain Everything or DoodleCast Pro)
  2. Open the App and click on the red recording button to begin.
  3. Click on the pens to draw and try talk at the same time. You can press the record button to pause and gather your thoughts.
  4. Click on the picture icon, to add an image from the camera roll or the internet. This could be a picture of anything from a drawing, to a map, to a very complex graph from a textbook, which you wish to explain and annotate.
  5. When you have finished press done.
  6. Click to share your Screencast
  7. Once you are happy with the content you can include these recordings on a Google Site or in a folder to use for revision or future teaching. 

Examples from different subjects

Grade 3
A student demonstrates how to do a multiplication method taught in class.

Grade 3
A student demonstrates how to do a division method taught in class.

Which one?
In order of complexity:
  • Doodlecast: Just talk and draw, or talk and draw over an image
  • Doodlecast Pro, as above but with several slides, a few more options. Screencast over content from other Apps like Keynote.
  • Explain Everything: As above but with text, and annotation over video.
  • Educreations: Perfect for teachers to capture 'learning talks' with students, or create screencasts to aid teaching specific concepts. 'Cloud' support means all conferences are automatically accessible online, and easily shareable with students. Requires an account, but supports Google sign in.