Training Agenda

This website is a resource to support your use of technology in classrooms at UWCSEA. We have collated some resources to help you become organised and to use applications efficiently. Make sure you come back later when you need some more ideas or help. 

The agenda for the training day is below. Your instructor will guide you through the materials on the attached tabs, but they are designed such that you can work through them at your own pace if necessary.

   Start - 8.10am  
 1  College Systems - UserIDs and Passwords  5 mins
 2  Care of Your Laptop
 5 mins
 3  My new MacBook - Mountain Lion  15mins
 4  College Systems - Printing & Network Drives  10 mins
 5  File Management and Google Drive  20 mins
   Break   - 9.25 - 9.50am  
 6  Digital Notetaking Strategies  20 mins
 7  Communication - Calendars  20 mins
 8  Digital Citizenship - Managing Distractions  20 mins
   Finish 11.30am