G1 Week 42: Student Led Conferences (Wednesday, 1 June 2016)
Look out for the purple instructions cards around Infant Music. 
1. Enjoy browsing through the photos of the students in conference with parents
2. Look at the "Check-List" below to ensure you visit each station. Happy Sharing!

G1 Week 39 - Creating and reading from graphic scores

After refining their ideas of how to write sounds down, the students have moved into composing with three different sounds. We have looked at how musicians use musical scores, where several lines are read simultaneously. In small groups, the students composed a short piece using three instruments, then wrote it down using the sound symbols they created. Each group performed their piece, with some students playing instruments from the score, and one student being the "conductor," showing the instrumentalists where to play.

G1 Week 35 - Graphic Scores

Students have been composing using two different instruments. They explored the sound the instrument made before creating a symbol to represent the sound. They have been learning how to clearly notate their music so that anyone can read and play their composition. Next the students will share their compositions with the rest of the class and discuss what works well and what could be improved.

G1 Week 27 to 30 - Expression

The students have been exploring the use of expression in Carnival Of The Animals by Camille Saint-Saens. They responded to the changes in tempo, dynamics and pitch through movement, drawing and discussion. The composer's use of expression, inspired the children to compose their own music to describe an animal.  The class really enjoyed guessing which animal each student's music was describing and rich discussions filled the room as the students considered the tempo and dynamics in each piece.

G1 Week 25 - Arts Festival
Congratulations to all the children on a fantastic Arts Festival! The students have been working hard for several weeks to create their Arts Festival from scratch. Each class inquired into the many ways people can be creative, and they discovered their own ways of being creative through the Arts as well as through stories, building, play, and many other areas. Our lessons have been filled with rich discussions about how we show our creativity and the power of our imagination. In preparation for our performance, we have also learned about collaborating, practicing and refining, as part of an artist's creative process. I think the children can all agree that it was an exciting and meaningful learning process, and that every student's creativity was awakened.

G1 Week 17 - Reflecting on Term 1

As Term 1 comes to a close, the students have been reflecting on their learning and thinking about next steps. With the help of a Grade 4 buddy, each of the students has recorded a video reflection. The students have worked hard this term to keep a steady beat together and play their rhythms while keeping that steady beat. Please see your child's portfolio for a picture of his or her composition. You can watch the videos below.

G1 Week 16 - Uniting Nations Performance 1

Uniting Nations Video 2015 - Performance 1 from UWC South East Asia on Vimeo.

G1 Week 16 - Preparing for a performance
With our Uniting Nations Day performance coming soon, the students in Grade 1 have been learning about how to be great performers. As a performer, students must do much more than learning their songs. Some of the skills and understandings we have learned about include: 
  • playing a rhythm on an instrument while keeping a steady beat,
  • playing an instrument while singing,
  • listening to the accompaniment,
  • listening to other performers,
  • watching the conductor,
  • understanding that purposeful practice is important when preparing for a performance,
  • standing tall, with good singing posture,
  • singing (that is, remembering to sing), and
  • listening quietly and respectfully when others are performing.
The students have really embraced the challenge of learning new songs in new languages, and they are excited to share their learning with you on Thursday!

G1 Week 7-8 - Performing

After spending some time reviewing their compositions from the previous week, the children asked to perform their work. They set up a performing area in the classroom with a spotlight shining on them and collaboratively performed each others work. Developing confidence is very important for musicians and so the children worked on supporting each other with lots of positive feedback and encouragement. In the performances, each group has  children performing the beat and other children performing the rhythm. 

G1 Week 5-6 - Composing

The children have now started to create their own piece of music, applying their knowledge of beat and rhythm to create some fantastic pieces of music.  Over the next few weeks they will rehearse and perform their compositions for their classmates in pairs, with one person performing the beat and the other performing the rhythms composed.  The children are very proud of their work and we are all looking forward to hearing them perform live in the classroom.

G1 Week 3 - Performing Rhythms To The Beat

The children have continued with their beat and rhythm work this week. They really enjoyed performing rhythms using the claves while the teacher played a steady beat on the drum.  The children are beginning to use "rhythm words" when performing the rhythms, such as "ta, ta, ti-ti, ta".  They also kept a steady beat with our feet whilst chanting the words to Hey Children Who's In Town.

G1 Week 2 - Beat and rhythm

Our first unit in Grade 1 centers on beat and rhythm, two concepts that are fundamental to our musical learning. In our first classes together, we have experienced beat through movement, action songs, and rhythm stick games. Using the West African song "Kye Kye Kule," the students tried separating the rhythms they sing from accompanying beat actions, which will help them to identify and understand the differences between these two concepts.