The principal version of the UWCSEA logo consists of two interlocking globes, the letters ‘UWC’ and the words ‘SOUTH EAST ASIA.’ The relationship between these three elements should never be adapted or separated.

A centred version of the logo has also been created which can be used for specific applications, where the principal version would be compromised. Please contact Communications and Marketing to discuss such a need and obtain the logo.

The logo has been specially designed for UWCSEA and must never be altered or distorted in any way. It should be implemented consistently across all applications. Any exceptions to the guidelines must be approved by the Communications and Marketing Department.

Colour: JPEG EPS
Exclusion zone

The exclusion zone is an invisible protection area surrounding the logo. It is indicated here by the continuous red line surrounding the logo. Never position any other type, matter or graphic device within the pre-defined exclusion zone. The exclusion zone for the logo is equivalent to half the height of the ‘W’ in ‘UWC,’ indicated by the 1/2X.

Size of the logo

The logo should not be reproduced any smaller then 9mm in length. When creating small scale materials, please contact Communications and Marketing to discuss alternative solutions.

Logo don’ts

You should not alter the logo in any way. The logo must always be reproduced from the digital artwork provided. Misuse of the logo weakens its impact. Some examples of how not to change the logo are shown here. These rules apply to all versions of the logo.