White Papers

While not traditional white papers (they are neither white nor on paper), these materials will concisely summarize fundamental but significant concepts in teaching and learning, point you to high-quality resources that more thoroughly explain the concepts, and provide citations for further study, reflection, and/or discussion. 

The topics will vary as the VTLC Director continues to seek input from other UW Colleges and UW System offices, programs, and initiatives, such as the 13 UWC campuses and the Online Program (with the help of the VTLC Advisory Committee), academic departments, the Assessment Coordinator, the ESFY Coordinator, the Developmental Reading/Writing and Mathematics Coordinators, the UWC Office of Academic Affairs, our institutional researcher, the UW System’s Office of Professional and Instructional Development (OPID), and the teaching and learning centers of the other UW campuses.

If you would like to request a topic for a future white paper, send an email to Jen Heinert.

The list of white papers will gradually increase over time. Look for email announcements.

Upcoming White Papers
  • Using Assessment to Inform Your Teaching
  • Threshold Concepts 
  • Using Clickers and Course Response Systems
  • Teaching with Films and Multimedia
  • Effective Feedback for Learning